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Fair price for 95 T w/ 24-26k miles

3 October 2000
Orange, CA, USA
I am new to this board. I used to own a 1991 that I sold back in 1998. Can't get over it. I am looking for a 1995 T now with less than 30k miles. What is the fair price on these cars?
I bought my 95T last year and they were running around $53k. I suspect that now they're about $49/50k retail. Price does vary by location in the US. It can pay to ship. Another thread covered this topic pretty well and also there's another member, twarnold, who is a dealer. I suspect he should be able to get you the low down.
Hope this helps and you come back into the pack.
twarnold is NSXotic. Let me know what I can help you with. I am not a dealer (meaning the owner)....
but I am a General Sales Manager that has an Acura store....so let me know...

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Thanks a lot for the replys guys,

Unfortunately, I live in Southern CA, which is probably the most expensive region in terms of used NSXs. Is it possible to find a 95-96T cars with approx. 25k miles for $45-46k? How much different will 1997 with similar mileage sells for? I would think that mid 40 will be a bottom for a 95-96T models. Much like the bottom for lower mileage 1991-1993 cars is around $35k. The reason I said this is, I had a 1991 with 26k miles that I sold back in 1998 for $35.5k. It was a Silver/Black car. I bought the car for $35k back in 1995, which was a helluva deal at that time. Looking at what a 1991 with lower mileage commands today($35-41k), I think it is hard for early year cars to go any lower. The case maybe the same with the early Ts. What you guys think? I also need a fair price for 1995 Ts, please help, thanks.