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Ferrari 360 Kitcar

19 February 2001
Houston TX
Doesn't show the engine in rear but it looks kind of close to the real thing. What do ya'll think about this kit?

More pics here: http://www.ferrari360.de/mrf360/



Since you asked what we think...

Lame all day long. The doors don't look right. The top looks botched and who exactly are you trying to impress? There's nothing wrong with a Toyota so why gussy it up to look like something it aint? :confused:
Gross! Id rather drive an MRS and save up to buy a real one. The owner of that car should definatly wear a fake rolex and a knock off burberry tie.
I think it looks like a pretty decent kit car, but would be an embarassment to drive.

Just imagine when someone admiring your 360 and asks "what's it got under the hood?" and wants to see the engine.

Just curious, what kind of person wants to build a replica car? I could see building a Superformance Cobra, but not a phony Ferrari or Lambo.
i'de buy that...I mean, it looks like one, wo why not drive one...then again whats the engine? I say drop in a C32B...VRoOOOOOOM!
gheba_nsx said:
2001+ MR2

I was just about to say that it looks a little short and stubby kind of like an MR2.