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fess up!!! tire queestion again...

24 February 2002
i know all you out there DO NOT have Bill Gates money so fess up! need to know what you guys and gals are running on your nsx's in aftermarket tires. oem wheels 16 & 17. just bought a 96 and do not have the funds for 4 oem tire setup right now. know i am sacarficing but have to eat too. looking for opinions on something else cost effective. looked at a couple but will wait for feed back from you all. also need to know if 225/40/16 & 255/40/17 will be a problem with tcs. thanks... alexis...
Your best bet (arguably) for everydaY CHEAP tires that still have a bit of good handling about them are the Kumho's. You can get them at Tire Rack. They are a bit soft though. I put a set on my wife's Legend out of curiosity and they stick pretty darn good. BUT, they wear fairly quick. For the price though, you'll have a hard time beating them.
Barn Man..
It is VERY scary that you bought an NSX and DON'T have the money left for the correct tires!! I mean, wow! I'm not trying to preach to you but that sounds a little crazy. Spend the money and buy good tires. You do NOT need to buy factory tires though. Dunlop SP9000's and Bridgestone SO2's are both very good on the NSX. You can get them for about 225-275/tire. The 16/17" setup that you mentioned should not interfere at all with the TCS as they are very close to factory settings. Remember, buy cheap and you'll buy twice!!!
i am wondering why for someone who says there not preaching to me it sounds like if you could be related to Rev. Jerry Farewell. to Barnman, thank you for your help and honesty. for nsxotic, whom i've already heard enough about, if you can't be considerate of the questions posed and answer them politely then maybe you should NOT answer them at all. any problems with what i said please feel free to contact alexis...
I personally HATE the feel of my SP9000's. I've only got about 5K on them and I have worn through the rears and have 80% left on the fronts (lots of drifting). I agree with Nsxotic, tires are a cost-of-ownership issues. Stick to OEM if at all possible. The tires were designed for the car, it doesn't get much better than that.
Thought I answered your question pretty completely...... hmmm? The correct answer is save the money to buy the right tires once. If you buy an inferior (cheap) tire; you'll buy again before you should have to. Like I said, buy cheap and you'll buy twice which will cost you a lot more money in the long run. My advice was honest and correct. Why would you be upset? And there was no need for made up 'slams'. The difference between cheap tires and good ones are only about 75-100 bucks so I know it's not that big of a difference for you to make the decision for the cheaper tire.

And, who's alexis?

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Sumitomo HTRZ-II are at a great price I paid $101 for my fronts size 215-40-17 and the rears where $159 for 265-35-18s and they are not that bad at all. I also was thinking of getting the S-03s and that set is around $870 maybe after I burn these up.

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You guys (and girl ?) are funny. Go buy the tires - regardless if you want top shelf or basement cheap - and be done with it. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

Bill Gates is not my B-I-L, but I still buy the best tires to keep me safe. 235x40x17 and 285x35x18 are not cheap and neither is my car / life. Spend the money and quit bitchin'.

Do the math - $500 vs $1000 for a set of rubber. This cost is every few years (depending on miles driven). Compare this to your thirty year mortage note and tire expenses pale in comparison.
uuhhhh, sell the car and keep the tires?

seriously, you can

buy cheap soft and not go fast

buy cheap hard and not go fast but wear longer

buy expensive and do whatever you want

just an opinion but i put cheap tires that were speed rated on my bmw and that was scary stupid--after going 145 on less than 1k wear i got up the next morning and found....a sidewall bulge.

so, i guess you really do get what you pay for

whatever you do, make sure you arent planning on exceeding the limits of what you buy
You do NOT need to buy factory tires though. Dunlop SP9000's and Bridgestone SO2's are both very good on the NSX. You can get them for about 225-275/tire.

Or, you can get those sticky, great-handling OEM tires for $169 front, $199 rear (Bridgestone RE010) or $195 front, $224 rear (Yokohama A022H). These are the current prices at the Tire Rack. Why not get those great tires, since they're less expensive, too?

Sumitomo HTRZ-II are at a great price

...but they are the ABSOLUTE WORST TIRES I have ever driven on an NSX. I was given a set when I bought a set of wheels and they were so bad I threw them out, with plenty of tread remaining on them.

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Originally posted by Barn Man:
Your best bet (arguably) for everydaY CHEAP tires that still have a bit of good handling about them are the Kumho's. ...BUT, they wear fairly quick. For the price though, you'll have a hard time beating them.
Barn Man..

I have noticed a lot of positive comments about Kumho tires. They rate very well at the Tire Rack site. When you say they are soft, do you mean they wear even faster than the OEM Yokohamas? That would be some really fast tire wear.


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There are different models of Kumho tire. They include the Ecsta 712, which is a fairly long wearing, medium-high performance street tire. And the V700 Victoracer, which is a quick-wearing, high-performance track tire.
I have the Kumho Ecsta Supras on my car (215/40/17 front, 255/35/18 rears) and have been pleased with them. I bought the fronts for under $100 each and the rears for under $200 each from Discount Tire. I have about 4k miles on them and they seem to be holding up rather well. However these are almost all street/highway miles (and not a lot of hard cornering).

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Can you still get Dunlop SP8000? I tried a set of those in OEM '91 sizes back in the day and I thought they were a good tire for the money. Considerably down on dry grip vs. OEM or comparable tires, but they were quiet, handled well in the rain, fairly well in the dry, lasted a while, had a very progressive breakaway and were dirt cheap.

P.S. I agree that if you really cannot afford a new set of tires, you should really reconsider whether you can afford the car.

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You might as well yell at me too because I see it pretty much as Nsxotic does. It's your car and your money, but when you come to a public forum and ask advice, people are liable to give it!

I simply do not understand buying a car like the NSX, even an old used one, if your finances are such that an extra few hundred bucks per year is a serious issue. I'm not trying to preach here, but if I was your father I probably would.

My advice is, find a way to save a few bucks and get the SO3, or the Toyo T1S if you need a bit more miles/$, or the OEM tires if you will drive it no more than 12k miles per year. I would consider any other advice to be bad advice.
What's all this about better tires lasting longer?
I thought the cheaper tires are the ones that last longest???

Yes, the OEMs or S03 are better tires by far.
However, a cheaper tire like Kumho or Pirelli are a harder compound, so they will be cheaper AND last longer. The only thing they will not do is perform as well as more expensive tires. Also have your alignment shop try to set the camber to a more conservative setting. Once again, if tire life is your concern, that will make them last even longer in exchange for performance.

Personally, if I had garage space, I would keep two sets of tires. One set of something like S02s for weekend drives and track use. Another cheap set of Kumho or Pirelli for daily driving. I would hate to waste 80% of my expensive $800 S02 tread for driving in traffic to/from work. Even if you have the money, why be wasteful?

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Not sure about your sizes, but i just installed a set of Kumho tires on 18" rims on my (girlfriends driver) 95 BMW M3. They are pretty good. I have had several M3's and the Dunlops were not good. (funny, because i am the Dunlop M/C Roadrace tire dist. for the NW, they are the best for bikes) but the car ones i tried 8000 and 9000's both not good. Noisy, grip was subpar, etc. I also tried Michelin MXX3's Awesome on that car(98 M3 Cpe) and the Pilot Sports(99' Conv) they were quiet and good in wet, but not as good in dry. I would say the Kumhos are good for money. I used to like Nitto 555's when they were cheap, we could do burnouts in our mustangs for miles and still no wear, now they are spendy. Oh, look at the Perelli P7000 s/s. Alot of my friends like them and they are not $$. Hope that helps.

Originally posted by ilya:
I thought the cheaper tires are the ones that last longest???

"Cheaper" is a relative term. I referred to the OEM tires as "cheaper" because they are indeed cheaper than many high-performance tires such as the S03 and MXX3, which fall in the price range Todd mentioned. However, they may be more expensive than some other tires on the market.