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Few issues w/ my car

2 July 2003
Virginia Beach
Ok.. I just bought my 91 nsx and I've been rigorously going thru issues that have risen from this car. Here are the 2 that I'm trying to fix:

I have the window "pop" and it goes slow up the track. I checked the fix it thingy and this window thing has already been replaced by the one that is solid around the plastic piece... I greased the track w/ white lithium and it's still slow and slight poppy near the top...

The CD changer will sometimes show garbage on the display. I go to the back and look at the changer.. and the disk tray has popped out... ???

Anyone know what's going on??

that's how i found out about the window thinga majigy....

pop goes the weasel, no wait, its the round spool that the window slides on horizontally as it moves up the track. Get the grease back out...
As tomc92... says you may need more grease on the round white plastic thingie that the window wires wrap around.

As for the CD problem have you tried a different cassette? Might be something simple like that. Otherwise try disconnecting the battery for 10 seconds to power-bump the unit, this *may* re-initialize some settings and solve your problem. Remember to note the radio station settings before you unhook the battery.
in regards to the CD, it happens to me allll the time--freaking annnnnoying. anywho, buy another one :D promblem solved. hhahaaaa

have no fear, alot of people have that problem with the OEM CD changer.
so you bought another one and that's all it took?

Gease window tracks

Hope this isn't too obvious but you said that you greased the window "track" as in one track. Are you aware that there are three window tracks? I greased two of my window tracks (the middle and the rear) before I found the one that is in the forward part of the door. My problem was exactly as you described and didn't go away until I greased the forward track.

I greased the (facing the door) left and right track....

guess I'd better get in there and just grease the freakin window..