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Finally bought my 1st NSX

26 March 2012
Bay Area
hey prime! I'm new here in the forum. Few weeks ago I finally pick up my first NSX for 15K. Is this a ok deal for being a 145,xxx miles and have clean title. I am the 3rd owner of the nsx. The timing belt and water pump been change already and no leaks i can see under the engine. The only problem with the nsx are the driver seat bolster need to be fix and the stereo not working. The engine is sounds really healthy and strong.

Here is some quick pic of my new ride:biggrin:. More pics will come. Finally I got my dream car:smile:

I welcome you on NSX PRIME, I also send you my congratulations for your beautiful NSX, I wish you much fun on the road:smile:
15k is a great price :smile:, i would daily one like that if i found one with a clean title for 15k in my area
$15k sounds like a deal. Check in the Vendors section for new seat coverings. Upgrade the oem stereo, sub, and speakers. You can find information on how to do this, and which products is applicable for the NSX in the Do It Yourself (DIY) and Electronics sections. Lastly, congratulations on your purchase! :cool:
That's a sweet deal on a running, clean tittle, maintenance done, you basically stole that car for that price, congrats!!
Congrats! I just bought one too. It was originally just like yours but the previous owner painted the top to match the body. I'm thinking about painting or wrapping the top back to black because I really like how yours looks!
Wow, welcome and congrats! That is a great price if the mentioned issues are the only problems with the car. I would pick one up like that and use it as my DD. :biggrin:
Wow!! Are you kidding me?? You stole it !! :eek: Congrats!

Great looking car for the miles - you're gonna absolutely love it!! Jay
Congratulations, you picked up a great car for a great price and welcome to the BEST forum on the net for great people that LOVE NSXs.

I think that you will find a lot of people here that are fun to get to know and there is a wealth of knowledge to help you.

Welcome Aboard, please take your seat, fasten your seat belt and hang on for the best ride of your life!!!!!

$15k sounds like a steal. Now drive it like you stole it! :biggrin: :biggrin:

Welcome... Actually $15k is a great price as long as there is nothing major wrong. It sounds like some of the major maintenance has been done. Plus, you say it is a three owner car with a clean title.

I just saw someplace that the average new care is $30k plus.... for that I would purchase a used NSX all day long.

Drive it and enjoy it.
My nsx is 1991. Red exterior with black roof. Interior is all black and tan. The seller was asking 21k and i ask nicely to lower the price. He was nice and able to lower the price for me since i'm the one who is very interested on his car and willing to drive 6 hour to pick up the car. He own the car when he was 27 with 9k miles and now his 44. Also he been taking the car in the dealer for service.
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Holy cow! How did you find about this NSX? I can't imagine that he would've had such low interest if it was listed on Prime, Autotrader, or eBay. It really sounds like you got a steal! :eek: Double congrats!

A 17 year owner, I wonder if he's ever been on Prime?
Welcome and congrats on your purchase! If you haven't already found it, make sure you check out the NSX Wiki (off the red action bar at the top of most pages) for lots of useful NSX-related information. It's a work in progress but lots of good stuff there for new owners.

What has me thinking is why sell such a car for $15k, I'd rather keep it. Hopefully everything is ok with the seller.
Good to hear from another local.

Thats a great price you got it for! Now would be a perfect time to upgrade the seats and stereo. Recaro Pole Positions or Bride GIAS? :biggrin:
Looks like someone used Kelly Blue Book to determine the selling price and not actual market value. You lucked out.