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Finish First...Read This and See Photos!

29 August 2009
Phoenix, AZ
For years, maybe 10, I had been using a product on all of my cars (daily and weekend drivers) called "Finish First." A friend of mine turned me onto it as his detailer uses it on his plane including the windshields (is that what they are called on planes??)...anyways, In 2005, I bought a C6 Corvette, silver, and everyone convinced me to use Zaino products.

Zaino Impressions: Easy to put on/off, great durability, gorgeous shine, liked the fact that it does not stain black trim.

While I didn't care for the price, or three step process, I finally threw the Zaino 1 Polish Loc and Zaino 5 away and just stuck to the Zaino 2. The Zaino 2 by itself seemed to produce the same results.

I applied Zaino on my C6 no less that every 300 miles of driving...overdid it yes! But it would take me two months to put 300 miles on it! Remained in a garage, under a cover at all times!

Well, I had just Zaino'd the car, and applied Zaino ClearSeal on it when I accidentally parked under a tree. A fine mist of sap got all over the car and, regardless of what I did, would not come off! I was shocked to say the least! I thought the fresh coat of Zaino and ClearSeal would have saved me and the sap would have come off like butter. Eventually, I had to have the car professionally detailed with an Orbital Buffer and Claybar. Even so, the Detailer told me he had a tough time still getting it off!

I have gone back to Finish First. The shine is as good as Zaino, it is as easy to put/off as Zaino, but seems to leave a much more durable, smooth shine. Seems to last for 6 months or more on my daily drivers out here in sunny Phoenix! Water beads forever!

The only thing I don't like about Finish First is, like most products, it can discolor black trim. Oh well!

I believe Zaino (I could be wrong...don't kill me) is an acrylic product and this is why it won't stain the black trim. Klasse AOI is also an acrylic product and won't stain black trim.

Finish First, and most other products, have "petroleum distilletes" in it. I am no chemist, and have no idea if I am even right; difference between acrylic and petroleum distilletes, but maybe the acrylic products don't stain Black Trim?

BTW...I was very, very unhappy with the Klasse AIO. No durability, no shine, yuk!

I live in Phoenix and have four vehicles. One is an Expedition that is six years old. The Expedition sits outside in the full Phoenix sun five days a week. Take a look at the below photos of the Expedition. Can you believe that paint is six years old?

Also attached are photos of my son's white C6-Z51, Hummer and NSX. Look at the reflections coming off each car of things in my garage. You can see the clouds, other vehicles in my garage, fans hanging off my garage ceiling, etc., all reflecting in the paint on all of the vehicles! In the Expedition photo, you can even see the houses across the street from me!

I apply the product by hand on all of these cars. I take it off by hand using a Microfiber cloth. Nothing fancy here! It is super easy to put on, and even easier to remove without any dust or residue anywhere!

Now, I have absolutely no interest in this company...none! I have no clue who the owners or principals are. I just want to share my experience with Finish First as is is the best thing out there! And for $19.00 a can...who can beat that???

I purchase the product from their website and sometimes off Ebay. One can will do about 12 cars.

If you want what I believe is the best product out there, give Finish First a chance. Read this Thread by Gilliam:



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