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First post here...(m)


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30 March 2001
Hi guys,

This is my first post here at nsxprime.com
Why am I here? Well, I am looking for a replacement for my 98 M roadster (US spec).

I am currently on the waiting list for the new M3 for a possible fall/winter delivery.

It's still a long way to go but I would like to start do some research and widen my options and possibilites.

FYI I have skim thru some of the posts and am really glad to run into an open-minded group of enthusiasts (interesting E36 M3 vs NSX discussion).

First thing first, is a NSX (pre97 and post 97)more expensive to run (maintanence, repair, mods, parts, insurance, anything, etc.) comparing to a 97/98 M3? ?I notice that some of you were/are M3 owners and could probably shed some lights here.

Cars I am currently interested: E46 M3 and M coupe with new 315hp M motor.

What I am going to use it for: mostly daily driving, roughly 10 tracks per yr.

Feel free to jump in and add ANYTHING you have to say about my situation. I am relatively new to NSX and hope to learn some thing from you guys here.

happy motoring,

'98 M roadster
Well as an Ex E36 M3 Owner(5 months) I have a few things I dont like about the M3

1. The M3 looks no different than a 3 series
2. Maintaince on an M3 is a bitch

now the NSX..

1. Looks stand out
2. Less maintaince.
3. Not 1 gen = less problems
both NSX and M3 (I like the E46 as well) look good to me. One is sexy and attractive and one is low key and subtle. Heck I even like the shoe-like M coupe.

As for the maint. M3's list price is about the same as a list price for 96 NSX her ein Ontario Canada. One is brandnew with new warranty and one is already half of decade old. I have nothing against older cars but we just happen to have more luck with newer cars.

how are the older (95 and 96)NSX holding up? or am I safer to go with the newer and improved 97+ (altho I might take a slight hit on the ridgity of the car).

is a NSX (pre97 and post 97)more expensive to run (maintanence, repair, mods, parts, insurance, anything, etc.) comparing to a 97/98 M3?

In many respects - maintenance, repair, insurance - you will find that an NSX usually costs SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than an M3. Repairs are less likely on the NSX, and insurance is a relative bargain. Parts are expensive on both cars, though, and mods may be more expensive on the NSX (but mods on either car are more a matter of how much you want to spend, rather than what you really need). Check out the schedule and prices in the maintenance section of the FAQ and I think you'll find that maintenance costs of the NSX compare quite favorably with the M3.

how are the older (95 and 96)NSX holding up?

Quite well. In fact, the real bargains are the '91 through '94; there are many lower-mileage early cars around, and they are the stiffer coupes rather than the NSX-T (targa top). Even though they are 7-10 years old, they are still incredibly reliable.

or am I safer to go with the newer and improved 97+ (altho I might take a slight hit on the ridgity of the car).

Perhaps you are confusing the various years. The '91-94 cars are the coupes and are the most rigid. Almost all the '95+ cars are the NSX-T, which is less rigid. They improved the rigidity slightly in '97 but it's still not as rigid as the coupe.

You might want to check out the "changes by year" section of the FAQ, too.
Hi FC,

As a somewhat recent "NSX convert", I haven't been able to hold on to a car for more than 6 months before getting bored of it.

That includes 4 Porsches, 3 Bimmers, all the jap turbos and a couple of dozen others.

Looking back, the only ones I miss are the 993 (not my 996), 3'rd gen RX-7 and the E36 (and maybe the 540i as I get older...)

But hey, nothing really compares to my NSX! And incidentally I just passed the 7-month mark and still find myself looking for any excuse to drive or at least talk about it.

Subjective, but the NSX is in a different class. FWIW.

Maintenance (may be distorted because all my cars are new) is relatively very low on the NSX compared to others.

Besides tire wear being higher on the NSX, you'll probably spend about the same in other wearables such as pads in your street / track use.

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In terms of maintainance, it is difficult - if not impossible - to beat an NSX compared to any performance or luxury car. JD Powers does a follow up survey five years after purchase and the 91 NSX finished NUMBER ONE in terms of owner satisfacton of reliabiltiy. That is top for ALL cars, not just performance cars.
I have driven most of the cars you guys have spoke of, and just recently purchased an nsx and i can say with out a doubt that the nsx gives you that feeling of seat of the pants driving. After having multiple maintenance problems with so many other cars, i look foward to the summer not being spent on the phone with the mechanic, or waiting to get my car back. You will not be disappointed with and nsx or will you grow bored. I have always thought that boredom with a car also goes hand in hand with its depreciation. The nsx is a car you can own for years and still get near what you paid for it whaen you want a new one, try that with a bmw or porsche.