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flywheel and clutch advice...

8 September 2005
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Does anyone know where i can find a lightened (and possibly rebuildable) flywheel at a decent price?

I have an RPS now but it is not suiting my needs at the time. little too stiff and it holds more power than i will put down, looking to go back to stock or close to it but i like the flywheel and faster revving especially when trying to rev match a down shift.

If anyone has any advice it would be great- I have seen tons out there for 91-96 , but few for NA2 1997+

thanks for the insight.
have you check out some options at Dali or Science Of Speed?

some of the really nice clutches are:
Carbonetics carbon
Exedy dual carbon disks

or go with a NSX-R change over.

you can get the NA2 NSX-R dual spline main shaft for about $400 and you can use any older and less expsensive 91-96 dual disks clutches.

this will allow you to have more options in clutches as well.

the lightest one i was able to find for an OEM clutch was the Tilton flywheel that i got from Dali. this is one of the best mods i've done. the pick up is so much quicker.
thanks but is the tilton you have for the NA2 or NA1???

I really wanta SMOOTH engagement, tired of the rough feel and non smooth shift and chatter., i have done everything but ride the clutch to get it to launch right and im just not happy since i drove a factory 03,

but i do want the responsiveness of the flywheel.

so if i understand you correctly the tilton will bolt to a factory clutch pack, or i can get a NA2-R spline and go dual disc?:confused:
this is the tilton clutch i got from Dali.
its 7.8lbs vs whatever behemoth weight the stock one is.
i can just floor the gas in any gear at any speed and the revs pick up really quick. my car pulls more freely now.
it bolts up to the OEM na1 clutch.

more info here.

what i really want.

NSX-R double spline main shaft allows 6spd trannys to accept the less expensive na1 clutches and more options for higher performance clutches.

here http://www.daliracing.com/v666-5/catalog/index_browse_part.cfm?focus=1805

and here

na2 clutch = flywheel+na1 clutch+NSX-R mainshaft+tranny build

in the end. the parts and build labor are about the same price as an na2 clutch, but the performance is where it's gained.
this conversion pays for itself the second time the clutch needs to be replaced so it makes sense to do it.

other clutches like carbonetics and exedy come with their own flywheels.
theyre much much lighter and have higher performance, a huge price tag comes with it.
I have always disliked the clutch that came with the car- Samson had installed an RPS stage 1 because of the lightweight flywheel (8lbs vs 24 stock) well here is what i have learned- and i may post this into a different thread so that others can search it.

My dislike with the RPS is chatter and fast wear- I replaced the clutch a year ago and now Nabil (First Class Automotive) is telling me its almost burned again even though i do not feel it slipping yet

the factory flywheel is 24lbs because its a dual-mass flywheel. meaning the flywheel itself is dampened with springs, so that the clutch disc is not. which is why the dang thing is 2" thick and costs $1700 for a flywheel.

I like the light weight of the RPS unit and how it revs but hate that chatter and shudder i get when i take off unless i ride the clutch which i refuse to do.

So i spoke with S.P.E.C clutches in Alabama (bear with me....... haha jk) they make a single mass disc for our cars (NA2) which weighs 15lbs. but then you must use a sprung disc (which is what most cars are anyway) the benefit of their clutch is that it is infinately variable... i.e. I can use their fly. with a factory press. plate and disc, or use any of their stages xx disc and pp mix and match. Although it can be done they do not recommend using a factory press. plate and disc with thier flywheel. because then there is no spring or dampening... remember their flywheel is not dampened and niether is the factory disc.

so my new tranny setup will be as follows:
SPEC 15lb flywheel
Factory Pressure plate (for easy pedal feel)
Stage 2+ sprung disc (made of Kevlar for less chatter than the stage 1 which is organic)

EVO- although i agree with your idea more on the NSX-R spline- getting into gearing and rebuilding a tranny requires someone you REALLY trust- I rebuilt the tranny on my integra (twice) the first time i didnt check the clearances 100% I did a good job dont get me wrong but something happened causing one of the bearings on the main shaft to go out and i had about 15 little steel balls rolling around in my tranny case---

which led to rebuild #2, on the teg that cost me about 200 bux------
the NSX-- not so much- i just would trust it to be done unless someone was gonna stand 150% behind their work.

so thats where i stand.
they say its my driving habits- but let me tell you this-
My civic has 240,000 miles on stock clutch.

My integra had a stage 4 Clutch Masters that i had for 30K miles but I was running 22psi of boost and making moe than the clutch was suposed to hold.

I now have a stage 5 for about 6 months with no issues.

but i guess i dont know how to drive-

We'll see how this setup comes out- will keep you informed.
Why not go with a upgraded OEM Centerforce clutch w/light weight flywheel?

I have this and love it>

9.3 lbs flywheel to go with it>

both of those are options I looked at, but look closely at my post VS the threads you posted-

BOTH of those setups are for 91-96 NSXs, mine is a 2000 with a 6spd, which means I would have to go with a NSX-R dual spline conversion which means rebuilding my transmission............hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

rather go back to stock with a $1700 flywheel and lose the revs
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so my new tranny setup will be as follows:
SPEC 15lb flywheel
Factory Pressure plate (for easy pedal feel)
Stage 2+ sprung disc (made of Kevlar for less chatter than the stage 1 which is organic)

Sorry to hear that SPEC has great customer service right up until you have a problem. Then they stop returning your phone calls, because they sent you a flywheel that was not balanced properly and your car now sounds like it diesel truck. Then they charge you a 50% re-stocking fee because the clutch they sold you only works with there light weight flywheel but you want to go back to the stock flywheel, because you don't trust there cheap crap lightweight flywheel.

Ooh yea, been there done that, hopefully the NSX is different, and you don't have the issues I had with them. SPEC cost me $4K :mad:
I would go OEM all the way in that case. Providing your not pushing over 400RWhp :wink:

The 02+ have a duel-mass-flywheel?

haha just kidding-
we'll see- its too late i already ordered it and im not paying a 50% restocking fee thats rediculous.

Ill try it out and if its good ill let you know
if its crap ill let you know that too

but if its crap ill go back to stock all the way!