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Fog Lights not working, fuse?

28 September 2000
Plano, TX
My fog lights don't work and haven't since I bought the car 3 weeks ago. Does anyone know where the fuse is for these? The lid on the fuse box under the hood doesn't have a schematic although I do see a couple of missing fuses. I was hoping someone could tell me which one is the fog light fuse.

Unless there could be some other reason they don't come on?
It's also possible there's a short or a ground somewhere. Since it's an aftermarket install, you'll have to figure out the wiring trace yourself. Also check if the installer used some kind of fuse; it might be the kind that's in the wiring.
No they aren't aftermarket. You guys all have them. It's the white light under the headlights and between the signals. They stay on when the lights are on. Well mine don't come on. I thought they would be on the same switch as the parking lights but the very side yellow corner lights do come on.

Make sense now?
Likely, the bulb is just burnt out. To get to the bulb, look under the lens in the A/C condensor cavity. You'll see a phillips screw. Unscrew, and pull the lens assy out. I think I have a couple spare bulbs that you are welcome to. Otherwise, they are about $5 at any autoparts store.

-- Chris


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Do you think both bulbs are out? What's the likeihood of that? I'll check the bulbs today but I suspect it's something else.
I just had to change both bulbs on my car last week. So, yes, both bulbs can burn out at the same (or close to it) time.