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Formula D Chicago

3 June 2005
Barrington, IL
Is anyone planning on going to this event? My stepson talks about drifting all the time and I thought that he might enjoy going to see this. I figure with him being ten I amy not have many years before his parents are the last people he wants to be seen in public with. Ticketmaster say soldier field, but I thought that I heard some place different on the radio.
what day is it?
i might be game
My bad, I totally spaced the info. Yesterday was a bit rough for me. As posted practice and qualifying is friday aug 5 and the main event is sat aug 6. I am taking my 10 yo step son on sat afternoon and I think that it would be interesting to meet some prime members face to face. Should be a cool event. I think it would be sweet to get a shirt or photo signed by Rhys Millen.
20 in advance (plus 5 for ticketbastard) or 25 at the door. :rolleyes:
Hmmm I see the bonus for paying in advance, all general admission. The only thing that I am confused about is where at soldier field they will be running. Soldier field web site says Chicago Fire are playing a game that night.
TRM04 -

I was there (I hosted the Quiznos event earlier in the summer).
I saw your White NSX there in the car show - I went by three times but didn't see you there. Your car was well presented.

The event itself rocked. So much fun, but a little drawn out towards the end of competition. Very impressive to see the car control some of those guys had getting so close to the wall. It was a very bumpy track, which no doubt caused all the carnage - about 20 cars hit the wall.

I did not bring my NSX to the event and I was sorry I didn't. TRM04 had the only NSX in the car show portion, and there was only one other yellow NSX parked at the event. Unfortunately, the event was totally off my radar until I learned of it Friday - I didn't even see an ad in the paper for it. I think it would have been an excellent opportunity for us (Chicago NSXers) to get together. The SCION club was there with a very good showing.

Hopefully the event will be back next year. Lots of fun.

- Frank
Sorry I missed you Frank! You should have left me a love note. :biggrin:
Argh! I wanted to go so bad, but after I got home from work my step son managed to get himself grounded. My wife told me to go by myself, but it just didn't sound like as much fun. All my buddies went to the sox game so I just passed. Maybe next year... :rolleyes: