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formula red vs new formula red

They look almost the same, but if you park FR/NFR cars side-by-side, the NFR looks a little darker and has a more purplish tint to it. At our local NSX-NW club meeting, all of the folks that even noticed the difference thought the NFR looked a little nicer, but it's not sufficiently different that I'd care.

I have a pretty good eye for color, and I've looked closely at a FR car parked next to a NFR car. I couldn't tell the difference.

I'm not disagreeing with the description of the difference noted by Number9. I'm only telling you that the difference is VERY VERY subtle, and difficult to see at all.
When I first parked my NFR next to a FR, I couldn't see the difference at all. Especially impressive comparing a new '00 with a '94.

But if you catch both reds at certain angles to the light, you do indeed see differences, albeit very subtle ones. They certainly don't photograph much differently.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
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