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Found my car on the Internet


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12 February 2002
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Last month me and my Girlfriend were visiting a Japanese carfestival. However, the weather was so bad that we only stayed for an hour or so before going. We then decided to go into town. It was there than we saw a couple of guys taking pictures of the car. Last week, I found these pictures at the website called www.autogespot.com. It's a website where car spotters post their spots.

I contacted the website and the photographer and he was kind enough to send me the full-size pictures he had taken.

My (new) girlfriend was laughing because it was the first time she saw people taking pictures of the car. Of course, I was telling her it was because she was there with me. :biggrin:
Too bad the car wasn't really clean at the time because we just travelled 300 miles in the rain with it, but it doesn't really show in the pictures.

Like the pictures a lot pictures because I don't have any with me driving it :smile:
Photograps taken by Thijs Over de Vest

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Nice photos! I particularly like the bottom photo where the background is black and white. Love the early red car with black top and NSX-R wing. That is the classic NSX! Beautiful!
Sweet! Common, they were not knipsiknapsi your car, it was your new g/f! :)
Car Wash = $20
Hair grow gel = $50
Dinner with GF = $100

Your NSX picture while your driving and posted on the internet other than NSX PRIME = Priceless!!!
:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Beginning to go bald? :confused:
I AM practically bold. it's all those male hormones you know :biggrin:

Ahh, so that is why you specifically wanted a hotelroom with double bed (not two single beds) for the Belgian trip this coming weekend :rolleyes: :wink: !?:biggrin:

I fully understand now:tongue: :rolleyes: Just make sure you are fresh enough for the drive on sunday!
The B&W background pic is very nice by the way