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Fraud...Who do I report it to?

22 March 2000
Planet Earth
Here's a copy of an e-mail that I recieved today. I don't have an account and when I made up a fake sig-in account and password the next thing it asked for was my ATM card number and PIN. I obviously didn't fall for it, but I do want to report it to whatever agency handles this type of stuff.



Dear Customer,

In accordance with Associated Bank's Client Agreement and to ensure that your account has not been compromised, access to your account was blocked. Your online access will remain blocked until this issue has been resolved. Online Service are remind you that on 12, Apr. 2005 our Online Review Team identified some uncommon activity in your online account. If your account access to stay limited for an extended period of time may effect in further restrictions on the use of your account and possible account closure.We encourage you to log in and fulfil the steps requisite to give back your online access as soon as possible. Sign on to Online Account

To protect the security of your online access, employs some of the most advanced online security systems in the world and our anti-fraud teams hourly screen the Online Bank system for unusual activity.

Thank you for your attention to this problem. Review Team apologize for any inconvenience.This is a security procedure meant to help protect you and your online account.

Good luck,

Associated Banc Corp, NA, Account Support
It's humorous how bad the spelling and grammar are for what is supposed to be an official notice from a bank. They can't even decide whether the name of the institution contains the word "Bank" or "Banc".

Sorry, I just had to comment, I don't know where to report it. I'm guessing this is a random guy somewhere in the 3rd world, and won't be pursued too fiercely.
Every time I get one of these e-mails, I always go to the link and input insults as the password and account info. I use things like ACCOUNT#: gotohellyoudouchebag and PASSWORD:goathumper, or really bad insults that aren't appropriate to be posted on this forum. I especially think it's funny after I hit enter, and it goes to a page that says something like "Thanks for updating your account info!" as if what I typed in was legit. It's about the only satisfaction you can get from these scumbags, knowing that they are going to be reading your insults instead of an actual account number.

Try it sometime. :tongue:
<B>NetViper</B> : that's funny! :D But it's not funny if they've installed a backdoor trojan on your workstation without your knowledge because now they have your IP address & a motive to go after you. :(
You find a lot of these links have an id hidden in them, so i suppose they can link your activity on their websiteto your email, resulting in more spam.
DutchBlackNsx said:
You find a lot of these links have an id hidden in them, so i suppose they can link your activity on their websiteto your email, resulting in more spam.
You can prevent that by not allowing your email client to load images except for email from people you trust (ie, don't let the web bug call home).

I get these phishing emails all the time and just delete them most of the time. Occasionally I'll visit the page to see how clever they were in crafting the page or obfuscating the URL but not so much any more.