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From Fat 5s to Mita 7s wheels - 91 NSX photo thread

23 July 2018
I love my Fat 5s! But want a second set of shoes for my 91 NSX.

So I ordered some Mita 7s wheels - I love the look of these 7 spoke wheels, they feel like they match the iconic NSX design.

They've arrived! I'll update the thread as I get tyres and put them on the car.

PXL_20221026_075743813.MP - Copy.jpgPXL_20221026_075654400.MP - Copy.jpgPXL_20221026_075721851 - Copy.jpgPXL_20221026_075749505.MP - Copy.jpgPXL_20221026_020438001.MP - Copy.jpgPXL_20221026_040818237 - Copy.jpgPXL_20221026_080612833 - Copy.jpgPXL_20221026_080817905.MP - Copy.jpgPXL_20221026_080824480 - Copy.jpg
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What tires are you putting on the new wheels? I've been debating something similar, keeping my ECS on for spring/fall, and then running a full 200tw tire on a new wheel.
Here are all the accessories it came with - valves, lugnuts, mita center caps (I bought the Honda caps additionally).

The mita caps are super snug on the wheels... but the Honda (genuine) ones feel a little bit loose. I hope they'll stay in.

The solaris silver on both caps is pretty much identical, mita did a good job with this. A slight variation, but I don't think you could tell unless you were looking for it.

PXL_20221027_021117413 - Copy.jpgPXL_20221027_021038060 - Copy.jpgPXL_20221027_021242728.MP - Copy.jpg
A little silicone on the back of the Honda cap should hold it in place and not do any damage to anything. Are the lugs Mita branded or from a specific lug company?
Mita branded lugs:


First picture!


I was a bit worried they would look too big to be honest! But with the tires on and installed I reckon it looks just right.

I still have some ongoing issues with the fit of the center caps (both the Honda and Mita ones) but I'm talking with Mita now to figure something out. The (Genuine) Honda caps were just way off compared to even a different set of the same Genuine Honda caps... might be some quality control issues at Honda these days.