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Front End Repaint

9 March 2000
Sacramento, CA
I have a black 91 and have some rock chips on the front end. I also have some slight oxidation on the b pillars. My car is a daily driver and not a garage queen. (as I wish it were) I have seen other cars that have repaints / body kits/ and they look terrible after a year or two. My question is:

1. Have any of you folks had your front end repainted and how is it holding up to rock chips?

2. How much was it to repaint your front end? (bumper, hood, front two quarter pannels)

3. How did the paint match?

So it comes down to live with my chips or do I get the car repainted only to have it chip worse after I have spent all that money?

I have a '91 Black NSX and had a new custom dual scoop hood painted and I can't tell the difference between the new paint and the original. I also have the full Wings West body kit on the car and had WW paint it and the match was excellent. I would not worry about a paint match, it should blend in very well with your factory paint and if it is a quality job it should last and be as durable as the factory paint.