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Front engine mount

26 September 2004
I have done a few improvements this year to my 91 nsx including clucth short gears headers and exhaust. I have two questions...first do you still have to use the cats with the comp tech header and exhaust? second I have almost everything back together but I cant line up the hole for the front engine mount bolt...what is the best way to tackle this ? engine needs to come up about 1/4 inch . Thanks in advance Thomas
At this point the jack idea is the best and should do it for you, assuming the front beam is in place.

If you had removed the "Front Beam" (Large gray aliminum sub frame piece with the ears on it for that mount), The best way to do this is to install this bolts first, then the rest of the front beam mounting fasteners.

If the jack idea does not work out, then loosen the entire front beam, line it up, insert the bolt, then install the remaining hardware on the bottom of the beam. If you have installed headers you will not be able to hold the nut on the back of th4e ear on the front beam. Duct tape with a long "tail" on it so you can remove the duct tape after the bolt is threaded in will work nicely.


Thanks Guys... I had the loosen the rear mount first and then it raised with a jack no problem. Jobs done car rocks! Thomas