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FS: 92 NSX-R conversion 38k miles, not in snap ring [JH4NA1150NT001205]

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27 October 2004
EDIT: 10/30/09 Added interior pics (please note the NSX now no longer have the Momo Steering wheel, it is got stock steering wheel now).

I can not please everyone, there are a lot of interest. I will like to be upfront, the first person come up with full payment will get the car. I am not giving any word. If you hold me responsible for what I typed and think that I am obligated to sell the car to you, it would not be nice considering how many PMs I received from so many people.

Sometimes I can't tell if people are serious, half-serious, or flaky. If someone want to force me to hold my word, no problem, I will allow you 24 hours to pay (if you want it that bad, you can delivery as well), once time is up, I am not obligated to hold the car and I can sell to anyone. Thank you for your understanding.

Interior video and pics I took using crappy Iphone:
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UPDATED details on 10/26/2009

The car with performance parts(CTSC, GTone V5.1 exhaust, GruppeM intake, Momo Steering wheel) is no longer available.

The current price for the car without above items is: $30k as is.
The NSX will now come with full 02 front end, side, rear conversion, comptech headers, 02 17/17 wheels, Toyo T1-R tires all around, NSX-R shift boot, NSX-R style shift knob, Dali chasis bar, and Stmpo chasis bar, Bilstein Shocks and Tein S Tech Springs.

Timing belt/Water Pump was done on September of 2003 at approximately 23000mile

If I missed any details, please ask. Thanks

Mandatory Information using Prime template
YEAR & MODEL: 1992
FULL VIN #:JH4NA1150NT001205
CURRENT MILEAGE: 38210 miles
COLOR (EXT/INT): Grand Prix White
TRANSMISSION: 5spd (Snap ring failed, tranny replaced with a none snap ring range tranny by Niguel Motor with receipts)
CONTACT VIA: (E-mail, PM, phone number, etc.): PM
PRICE (MUST STATE A PRICE, IS IT FIRM OR OBO?): $30k as is, bone stock with exception of full 02 conversion, comptech headers, NSX-R shift boot, NSX-R shift knob, and other small items such as downforce undertray, chasis bar, etc.

Additional Information (providing it here will save you answering these questions 50 times)

NUMBER OF OWNERS: __I am the 3rd owner__



HISTORY OF ACCIDENTS? (IF YES, DETAILS) _YES, detail in bottom of page_

HISTORY OF PAINT/BODYWORK? (IF YES, DETAILS) __YES, detail in bottom of the page__

MAINTENANCE HISTORY & DO YOU HAVE DOCUMENTATION? Yes, every single document, itemized to perfection


MODS if any (Are stock parts included in the sale?). 02 conversion, bilstein shocks, tein springs, comptech headers, downforce understrays, Stimpo chasis bar and Dali chasis bar.

PICS OF EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR (MORE THE BETTER): More will be added when I have time, in the mean time all pics available here:http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77934

My own version of template:
FS: My 92 NSX-R conversion with 38k miles, I am the 3rd owner.
VIN: JH4NA1150NT001205
Mileage: 38k miles
371rwhp, approximately 420 horsepower
Not in Snap Ring range
Title: Clear
Carfax: Clean
Water pump/timing belt done at South Coast Acura, have receipts
All records, service receipt, maintaince receipts
Tires have 90~95 thread left on front and 50~70% lthread left on rear. Toyo T1-R front/Rear
Ready to go need nothing
ICE cold AC, but only blow on high
Interior condition: Don't take my word for it, ask people who seen my NSX or come and take a look
Exterior condition: Don't take my word for it, ask people who seen my NSX or come and take a look
Car drives perfectly fine and insanely fast: If you are serious about the car, at least get a test drive before the mods are removed.

Asking price:

$30k without performance mods (comptech headers will remain on the car) and 02 front, side, rear, hood, 02 oem 17/17 wheels remain on the car.

Accident history: Yes, I have took this into consideration and discounted the entire car down to price of the parts. If you are interested, please take this into consideration and just consider getting the car as bonus. The car actually drives perfectly fine if not better than majority of NSXes out there.

There are total of two accident history

1st one is a minor fender bender casused by another NSX owner who once pressured me to let him drive the car in the past (jokingly I assume). I felt guilty for saying no during previous request, so I let him drove it and 3 minutes later, hole in one, lol. It is merely a super light fender bender (driver front fender). Hoa/up2you was the driver, contact him for details, I have no hard feeling about this incident as it was so minor although it caused me great pain. This incident was not bad at all, front driver passenger fender only, I still have original lightly damaged fender which I will include and the MVdesign and many others can vouch for me. The front bumper was not damaged. Tear down inspection welcome.

Second one is was serious and it was done during the video shoot. This incident caused the major front passenger front side damage. Car was not a total loss, but it could had been had I choose so. After learning about the repair process, I choosed to go with repair. I am selling the car as a complete part package not as a mint car. I gladly explain the repair process as well.

The imact was 45% angle and caused damage to most of passenger side front. One head light replaced, one front frame rail replaced and weld at the same spot as factory welding point and re-enfored with aluminum plates inside the rail, hood was replaced with downforce full carbon fiber hood. The process was actually quite straight forward. Honda shop manual explain this process. I did a lot of research and watched the NSX production video at what seems like 100 times or more. In addition, during this process I painted the headlight housing to match body color and shaved the front turn signals.

I spare no expense and repair was done right, if wrong there is no way I could drive it the way I do. How many time have most of you cruised by my side. The repair was almost 1.5 year ago. Ramon and many others can vouch for me. Pre-purchase inspection welcome at any shop of your choice. As for additional details, please feel free to contact me privately with any questions. At the time I had option to swap parts onto another NSX for less or go all out for complete repair. I went with repair route as I was so emotionally attached to the car. I am human afterall.

The delay of the NSX gone wild video had nothing to do with me, I tried so hard to get car ready it was not even funny. It only took a little more than a month for the repair and I did the turn signal delete and matching headlight at the sametime. If I remember correctly, car was out of shop in July or August of 2008. With approximately 6~8 weeks of down time once repair actually started, good portion of the wait was due to gathering of oem replacement parts.

I am all about attention to detail and I understand somethings are psychological no matter how perfect it is. Therefore, I took the history into consideration and merely selling the car for what it is merely worth as PARTS only. The car has a clean title and even clean carfax, if I were shaddy, I would not had disclosed anything. Most people would not had gone this far.

The car is obviously cheap for a reason, but the value can not be topped, if psychological is that important, easy swap the parts onto another NSX and you can be there at the very top among all NSXes. Everyone know how much the cost of the conversion and cost of performance parts and the amount of hassle it takes to get there. I already did all the hard work. There is absolutely no way I will ever have desire to get back into another NSX for quite a few reasons. Most important reason would be that 7 years is long time, I am at a point that I can actually can afford something else and have more important thing I should focus on.

Car currently has these mods as of 10/24/09:

Exterior conversion parts:
OEM front bumper
OEM side skirts+door pieces
OEM rear valence
OEM lip
OEM Headlights
OEM misc parts (way..too many little items)
Downforce NSX-R carbon fiber hood
Tail lights
Downforce battery undertray and front undertray
Performance related items:
Comtech Headers
Cantrell side air scoop
Bilstein Struts
Tein S Tech springs
NSX-R oem shift boot and NSX-R style carbon fiber shift knob
Dali and Stimpo chasis bars

Link to the build thread:

Most recent pics too via Iphone:



<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Ri_F47vhuj0&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Ri_F47vhuj0&hl=en&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>




The incident was during first shoot. These are pics of from 2nd and 3rd video shoot "AFTER" repair was completed, the headlights are mathing here and the turn signaled are deleted:



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