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Fuel injector o ring

31 May 2012
Hi All

I'm planning on changing the o-ring for all my injectors. Before doing so are there things i should know???? What scares me a bit is the fuel that remains in the fuel rail. Will that be a problem when taking it off:confused: Parts are in today and picking it up after work. Hopefully, I can get some helpful tips before I start to take it apart today. Thanks

There will be a small amount of gas leak from the rail when you remove it from the injectors (have some paper towels ready to sop it up). You can leave the fuel lines attached to the rail because there's no need to remove them. Allow a couple of hours after you turn off the engine before you remove the rail because pressure will remain in the rail for a while after the engine is shut off. Depending on how many miles your car has, I would recommend sending the injectors to RC Engineering to be cleaned and flow balanced. Every post I have read here that has done this has had 1 or 2 injectors that were dripping and needed to be cleaned, mine did too. I sent mine off after reading posts about engine fires caused by leaky o-rings. My car seemed to start and idle better after I had them cleaned.
I was curious do you have to remove the fuel lines to replace the injectors? What I'm talking about are the ones secured with the crush washers? From the service manual it looks like the fuel rails can simply lift up vertically from the manifold without needing the fuel lines removed. I thought the rubber fuel lines had some slack in them that would allow for such a feat.