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2005 NSX 6MT: Help On Part Numbers

4 March 2008
Edmonton, Canada
I'm getting ready to do the timing belt, water pump, coolant hoses, and a few other things that are convenient to do with the engine out. I can't find the following part numbers so hopefully someone can look these up.

1. Flexible fuel line connector to fuel rail rubber o-ring. It's shown as #21 in the diagram below but it doesn't have a part number to go along with it. The diagram is under the Engine/Fuel Injector section.



2. Spool valve o-ring. It's shown as #13 in the diagram below under the Engine/Spool Valve section. I'm not sure if I need this but figured why not since I'm there.


3. Flywheel pilot bearing. The markings on the bearing itself show 6904LB. The machine shop had to remove the bearing when they resurfaced the flywheel.






91006-PR7-008 - pilot bearing
90428-PD6-003 - Pretty sure that is the fuel line one your looking for
Not sure on the O ring. Possibly #11 or #12 may work?

Curious how was it getting your dual mass flywheel resurfaced? I know that not every shop will work on a dual mass.

Keep up the good work doing it with out a lift. Most wont do it without one but I find its not so bad dropping the subframe without one..
Thanks JohnWayne. A few follow up questions/thoughts.

That pilot bearing part number shows up as being for a 91-96 (ie not for a 6 speed). Do you know if they're the same? If anybody has a new 91-96 pilot bearing can you check if the bearing says 6904LB on it? Maybe Honda didn't think anyone would resurface the flywheel??? The shop that resurfaced the flywheel said they had to set it up on the rig in a special way with strong magnets so the 2 parts don't move around. I got the impression they knew exactly what they were taking about and honestly gave me full confidence they knew what they were doing. They refused to wash it in any way and told me not to either so no burrs get in-between the 2 moving parts. Just some brake clean on the face when I go to install it but nothing more.

The 90428 appears to me like it's the fuel line that connects to the fuel filter instead of the fuel rail. Maybe I could just get the parts guy to match it up size wise but I always hesitate to ensure it's the correct rubber for the correct fluid (brake/fuel/AC/etc.).

I'll pick up #11 and #13 as they're relatively cheap. Thanks!


Honestly it went easy. The only real hairy part was how close the lift was to the quarter panel but if you go nice and slow then no issues. I'm going to make a separate post with a bunch of pictures of me removing it but I want to get these 3 part numbers sorted out first.


Thanks drew. I had a look at that link and it seems to stop at the 1999 model year ish. The fuel line in particular seems to be the old style with the 2 washers and a banjo bolt like a brake line. On my car it's more akin to an AC line with a bolt on the side of a flange and an o-ring on an extended part. In my first picture you can see it sitting just above the back right shock tower bolt.


I went in to Acura today and they found #21 and #13 for me.

#21 : 91304-PR7-A51. This seems specific to 2004 and 2005 only. It's strange they would change this for the last 2 years.

#13 : 91319-PR3-003. Standard issue.

The flywheel pilot bearing she was shocked that it wasn't listed. She asked the service guys if they've ever done a clutch on a late model car and nobody said they did. I asked for her to just quote the 91-96 bearing and may just pick it up and see if 6904LB is stamped on it. Still hoping someone here has one laying around.


91304-: Fuel line o-ring
As you found out, only for the very last models.

91319-: If you are talking about the VTEC Spool valve and the Solenoid, then 91319-PR3-003 is the one marked as #12 in your diagram.
One for each bank so you will need 2.

It's the same one used at #13 and that is for the oil pressure sender unit.
Unless you decide to separate the sender unit from the base #7, no need replacing.
In fact, you need
#11: 91302-PR7-A00 x 1
and remove the sender without separating it from the base.


If you are thinking of servicing the VTEC Spool valve and the Solenoid, you will need the gasket #4 and #6.
Depending on the Eng No/Year model, two different spec so be careful.
For your spec, they are
15825-P08-005 x 2
36172-P08-015 x 2

As mentioned above, you may want replacing the o-ring #12 to thoroughly clean the valve body.

Highly recommend replacing the bolts especially the #16.
Three for each bank.
95701-06018-08 x 6

#17 can be re-used but I normally replace them anyway.
Three for each bank.
95701-06030-08 x 6

Pilot bearing is the same as the one on the flywheel for the twin disc CL.
91006-PR7-008 x 1

I think I mentioned this somewhere on here when discussing about the clip/fastener holding the rod at the rear sash door opener.
It's called the parts list magic.

Because it's being continuously revised, sometimes the mistake can happen.
All of a sudden, certain parts disappears from the diagram or it's still in the diagram but without the reference number and thus, no parts no.

At one point, the pilot bearing on the dual-mass flywheel disapeared from the diagram but then later, magically re-appeared in the updated parts list.