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Fuel supply restriction at fuel filter - looking for thread

15 May 2004
I'm looking for the thread where the fuel-restriction caused by the fuel filter banjo bolt is discussed.
One of the threads I discussed how a banjo bolt gets over torqued and distorts the horizontal drill passage . Banjo bolts are drilled verticle and then horizontal ,just hold the bolt at eye level and view the horizontal passage ,if it is not perfectly round then it is twisted . This will cause a restriction in brake fluid or fuel flow. If the tech gets lazy and doesn't replace the copper crush washers ,when he tightens it ,it's over torqued .
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The thread I'm looking for was about the banjo bolt at the input side of the fuel filter being a restriction for hp setups. I don't remember exactly but he modifed the fuel line from the tank or the banjo bolt to allow more flow.