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Can't break banjo bolts loose on top of fuel filter

10 October 2004
Hello guys,

I cannot get the banjo bolts on top of the fuel filter to break loose. When I put force on the bolts the whole fuel filter canister spins and the fuel lines are flexing to the extent they could tear.

I'm leary to use an impact gun on these bolts as I am afraid it could rapidly spin the fuel filter and damage both the fuel line to the tank and the outlet fuel line to the fuel rail.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to safely break these horrible bolts loose without damaging the fuel lines?
Impact gun is the way most NSX techs do it. It's the only way to avoid spinning the filter and bending the mount. Just blast them off- take care to manage any fuel spillage. Relieve the pressure first!
Agree, but the main problem is the location behind that strut - not very Honda-like.

For the pressure relief bolt, you can use a wrench to hold the lower bolt. For the 2 main Banjo bolts, I used an impact driver while holding the filter with a boa-constrictor. There's a spot on the filter for a wrench, but good luck getting a wrench on it.

The main key to easily removing them is to install them with a torque wrench instead of an impact driver in the first place, something I think few shops do. It's tough to get the torque wrench on it. Note that the pressure relief bolt has lower torque, something else not every shop seems to appreciate.
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Chris Lum has made an excellent video on installing the fuel filter. You can use the double wrench method with a 19mm holding the filter canister.

Thank you to each one of you! Appreciate the wisdom.
I took everyones advice and used an impact driver and broke the banjo bolts loose instantly. Thanks guys!