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Full Carbon Fiber 5th Gen Prelude

6 November 2002


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I wonder if the roof and A/B pillars are truly CF or if they are just wrapped? I didnt see them listed on their website.

-- Joe
I'd like to know the weight of the car afterwards too. Either it's not on their site or it's in Japanese. Anybody see it there? It's also kind of funny how they go all out with carbon fiber, but then put those big ass chrome rims on it.
SaberX said:
He's running NSX brakes too :)

Actually the site says, "Honda NSX carriper" :smile:
Looks like a waste of money to me...all those resources spent, he probably could have bought a nice used NSX. :tongue:
lol, great post. This is what i love about the modding scene -- this is totally outrageous and for no good reason. What is the point of making a car like this lighter when it doesn't have supercar performance? Why did he do it? Oh... because he can. :D

Sadly he should have kept the CF as black... it looks like a weird paint textured. :confused:
I don't think it is somebody's car who did it just to do it. If you go to their website it looks like a showcase car for their parts.You can buy all of those parts for it there.