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Gas gage stopped working

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
I posted on the Facebook Second Generation about my issue and thought I would share what transpired here. I normally keep our two cars gassed up with never less then a half a tank. A habit I took on because of the gas lines of the 70s. Anyway this last time around I filled up the NSX from just below 7/8 of a tank and noted for the first time that the gas gage did not move to full. I was not sure if the fuel gage in the cluster was not working or was it the sending unit. My car went through the gas tank recall. While the tanks were new the sending units were transferred. Anyway that happened back in 2019 before I acquired this car. I was going to make an appointment for service knowing that they might have the car for a week if the sending unit was bad. Warren one of the administrators had me check to see if the car was still calculating the remaining range. It appeared to be doing that which led me to think it was the cluster gage.

I had set the odometer to zero on my last fill. So I continued to drive the car and the gage showed less fuel. I tried one more time to fill the car from 3/4 of a tank. I only put in two gallons and my mileage since the last fill had been around 30 miles of travel. The gage did not move at all. I decided to disconnect the battery and see what that might do. Go figure, the gage read full and the range calculated 335 miles. I was really surprised and wanted to share how a battery reset could fix what otherwise would have been a real service pain. Still do not understand why the gage and all the calculations stopped working. More like my desktop computer everyday!
That's crazy that a battery reset did the trick- though it saved you a week of down time at the dealer!
I have a 2019 Honda Clarity and I have to reset the main 12V battery about 3 times now. I have other sensor related issues. I don't think there's a true way for the car to reboot otherwise.

yes, you are literally rebooting the various computer modules. Just like rebooting my cable modem to get it functional again. The Clarity is a very complex system that depends on communication between the various modules. How do you like it?
The gas gauge messed up because of electronics! Who would have thought! Glad you got it worked out!

This is part of the reason why I bought a 20 year old car designed in the 80s.