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Gen 1 Headlight glass

14 June 2022
Tampa FL
Hey guys. I was wondering if you can still get replacement headlight glass lenses for a gen 1 still? I know there’s a company out there that offers clear ones, but I’m looking for the oem glass. Reason I’m asking is because I’m curious about how much there going for, if any are still out there at all? I know eBay sells whole assemblies and I could get the glass from there. What if someone has just a cracked glass? I have a set for a headlight project I’m working on and have no use for these anymore. They are oem. No chips or damage. I was thinking about selling them, and just wanted to know what’s fair. I’m sure I could just make a price, and watch the results, but maybe to help someone out who’s had a cracked glass for a while and just wants them replaced. This could be a solution. I would love to help out someone’s prize possession. Thoughts?


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I think it is retro fit now that you mention it. Organizedgaragestatus.com I believe was the website. They come in a projector upgrade kit, and I don’t think they are glass either.