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Getting 9psi Kit - Which Exhaust?

13 May 2001
Mesa, AZ
I've decided to get the 9psi kit for my '00 NSX - I was wondering, what exhaust is the most efficient air-moving exhaust that I can get my hands on? Should I go with the Comptech, or another? I'm not replacing the headers at this point, so I want something that as efficient as possible with the stock headers.


David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
On a 3.0L motor I don't think you will see much of a hp increase no matter which exhaust you use, unless you also get headers.

By the way, if you have the blower installed, you should get the CT exhaust that is made for it or you may blow out the muffler. They make an exhaust specifically for the blower that is a chambered can with nothing to blow out.
David, If I were you I would contact Mark Basch at Basch Acura Service in Phoenix. He has installed more Superchargers than anyone and can give you a real insight on it.
Contacting Mark is a good idea, I did when I put on my supercharger (6 PSI) and he told me the only reason to change the exhaust would be to improve the looks and sound. The performance benefits are minimal on the '97 and up. He also said that it is a myth about blowing out exhausts with the supercharger, so far my stock exhaust is working just fine. I am still thinking about switching to the ARC exhaust to cut weight and have a little better exhaust note though
This is interesting and poses a good question - is the stock exhaust capable of allowing the flow of the aftermarket exhausts (like Comptech)?

I've heard that the aftermarket exhausts do flow better than stock, and do help with the SC, but that the 97 and later headers are good enough (putting on new headers is only 4RWHP or something).

Does anyone have any hard numbers on this?


David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
All good input... this COULD be one of the early 9 psi fitments on a 3.2L car.

Two main areas of gain:
(1) improved airflow
(2) reduced weight

You can get (2) with most modern aftermarket gear... the C32 (97+) already has "headers" (unlike the boat-anchor exhaust manifolds on the 3.0 motor), but aftermarket (c-TECH, RM, etc) still save weight.

c-tech and some of the JDM aftermarket exhausts save weight over stock, and give it a nicer, go-fast sound (worth at least 5-10 PERCEIVED hp IMO

intakes -- you probably want to optimize these as well

For (1), increasing flow-through in one area shifts the bottleneck to another. IMO you need to look at all areas (intake, headers, exhaust, possibly even cats)

As far as exhaust blow-outs go, you might want to read nsxfiles.com -- the owner and website author is a noted NSX hot shoe who has been playing with this stuff since its inception, and has played with most domestically available exhausts. As far as I recall: they all work, and they ALL break. Again, what blows them out is sustained boost at WOT -- the kind you often see only on the track


Manuel C
93 NSX S/B #394
93 300CE
93 NH750
What 9-lb SC kit are you getting? Is it a pre-production Comptech kit? (I got an email today from them indicating that they're still testing/debugging the 9-lb kit for the 3.2L and that it's not released yet.)

Also, what's different from the 6-lb kit besides the pulley?

Actually, the 9psi kit is not available from Comptech as of yet - Mark Bash makes a custom 9psi kit, for which he's designed the pully.

I've talked with Comptech and they're 4-6 months out from offering the kit officially for the 3.2L (note they DO offer it for the 3.0L).

I'm going with the 6psi kit right now since it's very easy to upgrade to the 9psi when it comes out for the 3.2L.

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T