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Going to swap out brake master cylinder. What parts do i need to complete the job?

10 December 2010
Hi Prime.
I've noticed after some stop and go driving on really hot days, my brake pedal gets soft and slowly sinks to the floor sometimes. The consensus on Prime seems to be a faulty brake master cylinder. So i've already bought a new oem brake master cylinder, but are there any other parts needed?

http://www.oemacuraparts.com/find-parts/Acura/NSX/1991/2DR NSX/KA5MT/BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER

If so, can you point it out for me? I've already bought #1. Thanks guy
Since you are buying the OEM part, everything you need is already included. If it isn't in the package, you will re-use the part (ie. the two bolts securing it to the vacuum booster. I do recommend a flared 10mm wrench. It will save you a lot of headaches and make the install way easier.
Thanks guys. Is there a DIY on how to do this? Or can someone give me some pointers before I tackle this install myself this weekend?
It's an easy DIY without any special tools. Just remember to bench bleed the MC before you do the install.
Thanks guys! And Larry, you must be super busy, I've been waiting for you to free up some time to replace mine , but this is something I feel is a little more urgent and needs attention asap
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DONE! The NSX is like new again. Added ATE Superblue. Loving the car more and more everyday!