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Good place to get OEM Honda/Acura parts?

2 May 2002
Ft. Lewis, WA
Has anyone bought OEM parts online (or at a store) for less than the dealer sells them? I'm not interested in "equivalent" parts. Looking for genuine Honda parts for cheaper than the stealership sells them.

I've found a few shops online, but looking for info on which ones are reputable/legit.

Thanks in advance.
Interesting that he's in Peoria. I'm just down the road from there. The parts I need are for a Pilot, which probably shares most of it's part with the MDX. It might just work.
Mark, my buddy Lance works at the parts dept @ Acura of Peoria. He can get you any Honda/Acura part that you need. All the local NSXers I know go to him for our parts. Tim is their internet guy, but since you're local it would probably be more convenient to deal with Lance directly. Let Lance know you're a friend of mine. His # is 623-974-7694.