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Good source for a Digi Cam?

26 June 2004
I need to purchase a Digital Camera.. either a 4.0mp or 5.0mp.. I am looking to spend under $200.
Does anyone know a good website where I can spend the least amount of money?
Thank you.

You can sort by price,brand,megapixels ect ect.

You can also check your local stores ( Bestbuy.Circuitcity ect ) for open box items sometimes you find some great deals there. Ebay is ok if want to take a chance but I like the peace of mind a warranty gives you.
I've bought 2 digital cameras and one camcorder from Beach Camera in NJ (www.beachcamera.com).

Each time I was shopping, they had the best prices (of the legitimate places) that I could find, and they have excellent user ratings.
Thank you for the links.
I got a really good deal on a brand new Fujifilm A340(4mp) for $149 at Best Buy.
Purchasing memory is painful, if you know what I mean.... :mad: