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Great County Farm's Annual Cider festival

11 August 2011
Arlington, VA
Going to head out to the Great County Farm's Annual Cider festival this Saturday out in Bluemont. Weather looks to be clear for the moment. Dunno if anyone else is heading that way, but it is always nice to have company!

I was also wondering if anyone has recommendations for a good route. Google has me taking 267 out to Leesburg and then switching over to route 7. I am debating taking the GW parkway to Georgetown Pike and then picking up route 7 from there to avoid the highways and stay on the back roads. Certainly open to other routes and recommendations though.
I might go and take my wife as a surprise - not sure yet. Bluemont is a beautiful area, I got married at Whitehall Manor there 5 years ago this coming November.

267 is the fastest option, but you'll be spending about $10+ in tolls total. Otherwise, from Arlington, I would just pickup on Route 7 and take it all the way out to Leesburg.
Unless I can convince Karen that we are better off in Bluemont than in Annapolis doing yard chores at her house, I'll have to pass.
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