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Group drive : Dec 6th, ben wheeler tx. Polar bear run.

3 June 2012
Driving the Dragon
Saturday, December 6th. Mark it on your calendars, we will be doing a group drive on the roads around Ben Wheeler, which is just east of Dallas. I know what your thinking, there are no good "twisties" in the Dallas area. But this route is loaded with some great turns, elevation changes and some great scenery (even in winter) for driving. We would encourage any of you NSX owners that haven't come to our events to join us. This drive will be at a slower pace than the NSteXpo event simply due to the colder temps. So take advantage of the pace to enjoy the scenery, the fall foliage and meet some fellow NSX owners.

For those unfamiliar with Ben Wheeler, it's a quaint little town that has a few shops catering to tourists and should be all decorated for Christmas We will be eating in Ben Wheeler, at Moore's Station after the drive. I am thinking we will meet somewhere along George Bush Freeway in order to drive over together, so look for my update with links to further particulars later today or tomorrow at the latest.

I know several have already expressed an interest in this drive and I have already started a list. Please pm me or post that you wish to be added so we have an accurate count.

1. Vanishing Point +1
2. Single Samurai
3. Devin
4. clean_green
5. Dirtie Hippie
6. REDNA2X (?)
7. cbrf2racer

- - - Updated - - -

Reserved for Drive links information.

LOCAL MEET UP SITE: Parking lot on the N/W side of Town East Mall, from here we will caravan over to Tanger Mall in Terrell. Plan on being here no later than 9:00 am. If you miss us head to Tanger Mall to meet up with us there. After refueling we will begin the drive at 10:00 am sharp.

Town East Mall:


Tanger Mall (alternative meet up location if you don't plan on driving over together) 10:00 AM START TIME FROM TANGER MALL.

Ben Wheeler town info.

- - - Updated - - -

Being a Polar Bear run prizes will be awarded to those that do the drive without their targa tops on. Or in the case of the coupes with your windows down.
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As I stated in my earlier post this drive will be a excellent one for first timers. We will run at a relaxed pace, wives/girlfriends will enjoy the shopping at Ben Wheeler which should have a lot of holiday gift items out. And the restaurant, Moore's Station. has excellent food and cold drinks. I hope to see the usual crew plus some of you other NSX owners turn out for this drive.

* The S2000 group will be joining us as well and they usually have twenty or more cars turn out. So let's have a good turnout of NSX's.

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I have 12 so far sign up on the s2k side lets hope for one of those warm spells we get in December so the top's and targa's come off.

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I have 12 so far on the s2k side lets hope we get a warm spell so that tops and targa's come off.
Count me out. Going to the eagles canyon toy run
I'm out also, will be in Florida on vacation for that week. Have fun ladies & gents!...
It sure sounds like fun. We had a blast at the NStXpo drive through Ben Wheeler.
I wish it weren't 4 hours away.
Have fun and be safe, Stan
Looking forward to it .... I may have to cut out a little early as
my Company Christmas outing Starts at 3pm in the Colony @
Top Golf.
If anyone drive with targa off will be Terry! we all know he likes to drive without his top on. :eek:

Oh Single Samurai, you know you can't cheese out on us early. Drinks not going any where.
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Accuweather is calling for partial clouds and a high of 68 degrees on the 6th. Should be great weather for this drive, all we need now is a few more NSX owners to sign up. Come on out and enjoy a laid back pace on some scenic country roads. :encouragement:
Count me in fellas, but prolly bringing out the IS F. Nsx throwing a CEL. Havent had a chance to get it checked out it.

So Sorry Brother's!:frown:
I'm going to have to miss this one ..... My Daughter's BDay was yesterday
and there were many conflicts in the schedule for her 2nd Grade Friends to
join her to celebrate due to the Holiday weekend. Therefore the Boss decided
to throw it Saturday the 6th. Again, Sorry ... you know I wouldn't miss a great
drive with my Brothers if it wasn't my little Princess. I will then have to go to
my Company Christmas Party right after...

By the way ... I would be going topless! LOL:biggrin:

I guess that makes me strike three then....... I am committed to hauling a friends vehicle to the Mecum auction in Kansas City and won't be back till Saturday late. Chris (dirtiehippie), Patrick (cbrf2racer) and Eric (REDNA2X) are still slated to go. If anyone else wishes to come just follow the instructions on meeting up within the first post. Wish I could attend this the weather looks great!
Sorry guys, due to some last minute errands I need to run and not getting the oil changed in the NSX yesterday, I won't be able to make it either.