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Gruppe M V3 & '02 Rear Valence

I think it'll be a tough squeeze but the v3 is single tip. Actually it will fit. but v2 or v1 or anything quad tips I think won't.

V3 with 02 valance.
polar said:
Seems like a bit too close. I would worry the exhaust tip might melt the rear valance when the car is driven on track. Actually happened on my previous car.
Unless the rubber exhaust hanger is too worn out, my taitec is kind of close too, and I was worrying about the exhaust hangers cause they are definately getting a little soft.... No problem with 3 track days, and you know my car take a lot more 'g' than you, polar!!!

S4 doesn't have as much mounting point nor 4 hangers... so just like any other single exhaust from front engines car, it tends to move around a little bit more.

nsx had 4 hangers.