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Gumball 3000! including an NSX

Button?!!! what do you mean?!

my fav: 6:30 ENZO Entrance , 7:30 SLR Entrance....and of course the grand entrance of the Phantom at 21:00
How about the Ferrari 550 general lee. I guess the Duke boys are movin on up like the Jeffersons. :biggrin:
Thanks for the hook-up, I am seriously addicted to these long-distance races. I actually own some of the Mischief series just for the Gumball and Player's Run footage.
did anyone notice how the crowd started cheering at the NSX the second time it came around?
surferbandit said:
Great video! Does anyone know where there is more footage of this race?

there are ways...like buying them online on websites for you can be young and illigal and get them off of Bit-torrent sites(free btw) i used to have one of the videos...best thing ever...makes me want to go on one with my mom's old 91 previa (dont worry we got an MDX..it has the 'X' in it..has a bit of kick
)...If an Ice Cream truck went I can go in that van

I also want to add that this shows how much money people have these days... :rolleyes:
JDM_SXE-10 said:
Whoa, how do you all get it to download that fast? Mine was taking forever so I had to cancel it.
We have a really big pipe at the office. :biggrin:

Back to the video --
What was up with the tracked vehicle in the middle of the video? Would they even allow you to board the ferry or the eurostar train with that thing?!?! Wont the border crossing guards freak out?

-- Joe
Here is a one video of Gumball3000.

There is a blue NSX (the second car to come up ) !


Dunno why but the link comes up as:


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