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Wheels H&R HS 1065700 DRS-System Wheel Spacer Set, 10 mm Per Axle

3 January 2009
Los Angeles
H&R HS 1065700 DRS-System Wheel Spacer Set, 10 mm Per Axle new. Inbox. Never used. 70$
H&R TRAK+ wheels spacers provide a sporty look of your vehicle and can be used as well with serial - as also with special wheels. Via complex testing / road testing arranged with the TUV the technically possible wheels spacing for the concerned vehicle is identified. During construction-tries in the house of H&R the regulations for the components certificate or for the ABE are specified. With serial rims the mounting of the H&R TRAK+ wheels spacers improve not only the optic, but also the driving performance.The same certainly deems to use of special wheels, which in this way get an even wider lane. With H&R TRAK+ wheels spacers the wheels can be put into the wheel housing exactly. H&R TRAK+ wheels spacers are available in various models as well as in various width from 6 up to 100mm per axis. Through the delivered instruction manual H&R TRAK+ wheels spacers are mounted quickly and without causing any problems. All H&R TRAK+ wheels spacers are made in Germany! Technical data: Broadening per axis: 10mm (5mm per site). Bolt-hole: 5/114,3 Hub centring: 70,0mm Thread: M12x1,5 Attaching: nuts System: DRS The assembly of the DRS-system happens via the exchange of the standard knurled stud bolts against appropriately longer H&R-knurled stud bolts inside the wheel-flanges, respectively inside the brake drums. The longer H&R-knurled stud bolts are in scope of delivery. The attaching of the wheels happens with the existing nuts of the standard- or special wheels. TUV-report: Vehicle-specific TUV-reports, respectively reports about the Structural Durability of these wheels spacers you find on the H&R-homepage for free download if you type the H&R article-number: 1065700 In scope of delivery: 1 pair (2 pieces for one axis) incl. H&R knurled stud bolts.
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