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H&R Wheel Spacers

10 February 2001
Southern California
I'm in the process of ordering some 5mm H&R Wheel Spacers for my wheels. For those who had ordered spacers before, does the kit come with ALL the necessary hardware to make it work? This is urgent! Any info greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance,

I'm the importer for H&R in Panama.
With the 5mm spacers, you only get the spacers and that's it. There is no need to use anything else.Just put them on and use your existing lug nuts.

When you go to 15mm, then they will give you longer studs.

Crazy4Cars Racing
H&R, Panama

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The kit comes with new bolts (studs) you dont have to use them.The spacer is not permanantly afixed to anything.Each time you change wheels it must be repositioned slightly.I think the 25mm is more involved and less mobile.
But witch one looks better and it is more practical?
I thought maybe liek 10mm in front and 25mm in rear but will it stick out from fenders ??


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Just received my 5mm spacers and the dealer is installing them as we speak. However, I noticed that the box did not come with any instructions. I also noticed that the face on each of the spacers is not indentical. Does it matter which way the spacer goes in? Will the dealer be able to figure it out? I'm a little paranoid. Please help!

Okay, the spacer has been installed and my front wheel cleared my caliper. Hooray! I still have a couple more questions though. I used a 5mm spacer for the front only, is it advisable to get a 5 mm spacer for the rear to make the stance "symmetrical"? Also, I used the OEM bolts and did not use the bolts H&R included in the kit since pronto3000 indicated it was not necessary to use them with the 5mm spacers. Docjohn, did u use the H&R supplied bolts when u installed urs? Thanks in advance!

I pm'd you.To reiterate I used them (lugs) only because i had some crappy looking stock lugs.I only used the rear spacer so my blitz wheels would clear stock brakes.I do keep them(spacers) on with the stock wheels and the ssr's for appearence.