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Hack to replace missing plugs - for FREE!

3 May 2010
Dallas area
If you have a NSX, I’ll bet you have at least a couple of missing plugs! You know those two groups of four black things under the hood that cover the upper shock hardware? I had previously replaced a couple of them, only to find them MIA a little later on. They are not horribly expensive, at around $3 each (plus tax and/or shipping) and can be found at your local dealer or www.oemacuraparts.com easily enough but they are a pain to keep replacing. There had to be something better and I have found it. The best part is that they can be had for free! Caplugs to the rescue :biggrin:

OEM part:

Honda Plug.jpg

Caplugs part:


Comparison pics:



Caplug installed:


Press the Caplug into the hole and it seals tightly – much better than OEM.

So how do you get these for free? Go to www.caplugs.com and find part number BPFE-31MM, check the “Request Sample Only” box and then select the “Add to Cart” button. After providing your shipping information, they will send you 3 pieces, free of charge. You can ask for more but you probably won’t get them unless you are shipping to a business address. Minimum quantity to buy is 100 pieces, I believe, and about $25.

So, why do these plugs keep popping out in the first place? The root cause seems to be that with heat and time, the cowling sags and allows the shock studs to contact the plugs and push them out. I have a cheap fix for that too. I was standing next to the recycling bin in my garage and spotted a couple of caps from quart bottles of oil, so I rescued them.I then drilled a hole of sufficient diameter to fit snugly around the nut on the central shaft of the shock and sandwiched the cap between the cowling and the aluminum structure below. After replacing the snap rivets (some of those will probably be missing too) and cowling gasket, the problem is solved :smile:


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Nice find, and even better solution! Thanks for sharing!
Good stuff :smile: Amazed at how many NSX's I see (in person and on the web) that are missing these.

Thank you for sharing.
awesome find! thanks for sharing. just placed my order for samples!

fyi - looks like they require a company/business name when checking out. i used my wife's business, but just a FYI for others who try to order also
I was not aware this is a known problem with the nsx, I thought I lost 1 when I installed my coilovers. I went to my local Honda dealer to order the plug yesterday, 2-3 day delivery lol it's a special order for a $2.96 part.