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Happy Birthday to The Older little brother of the NSX

LOL grats. I wanted to see if I could get the Integra to last 20 years. But all those miles and road trips were adding up so I was short by 3 years and got a Fit to replace it.
One of my Preludes is 22 this year and has 324,000, one of my other Prelude daily drivers is 21 yrs, and has 316,000. The other two have just over 100,000 ea.
They both don't use or drip a drop, get over 30 mpg and the A/Cs still use R-12 and throw ice cubes at you when it's on.
Tyres, brakes, oil every 3,000 mi, cheap s%*t gas, a battery every three or four years, clutch every 150,000 mi or so, valve guide seals around 100,000 mi or so, they just won't die.
That's how I have a pristine, 92' GPW NSX with only 28,000 mi. that doesn't get wet, if the radar looks like rain I take one of the Ludes.

It's amazing but that generation Prelude still looks good today.
I have never heard of the Prelude referred to as the "older little brother" of the NSX....haha first time!

That's some serious mileage and years even for a Honda@! wow

We have a 01 Prelude in the family and it's just about to hit 50k miles. I can't imagine it being 20+ years old so that would mean I would have to keep the car till 2021 ~ SCARRRY!

Man, that makes me really miss my 92 Si I had. I still would love to get another 4th gen vtec someday for a side fun car. I was a huge a big hondaprelude.com user when it existed. I think I was like the 24th member or something.