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Hello PRIME, new owner here.

22 September 2012
Hey guys,
Just wanted to introduce myself, since I think i'll be stickin around a while and it seems like a great community!
The story of me coming into this car is kind of a difficult one, and maybe someone in this community knows of it....Just wanted to get it off my chest.
1991 NSX, BB, 70K miles.
The car belonged to a fellow NSX enthusiast, who passed away few years ago. He was an engineer for Honda/Acura in Alabama, who sought the car out in Kentucky, but died tragically in 2008 when we lost control of his motorcycle. He was likely a PRIME member, and even went to the track as I understood. The car remained in his garage, untouched and undriven for 4 years, till now after the family began to gather his belongings. They offered the car to me, hoping that it would stay close to home, and I couldnt turn it away. After reading up and following PRIME, I recognize how legendary this machine is...and hope that the original owners spirit lives on.

I am going to Georgia tomorrow after work (from PA), and bringing the car back on a trailor. As I understand, he installed new suspension components, new clutch, timing belt and maybe a few other things. The maintn paperwork may be scattered or un-recoverable for sad reasons, but I know that he was meticulous.

Anyways, I will count on you guys to help me keep this car running and fit for a long time to come.

Any advice will be much appreciated...and sorry for the solemn note, im usually a goof 99% of the time!:smile:


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Sad way to get into your car. But congrats none the less.
the deceased member's story sounds vaguely familiar...where in Pa are you?
Welcome to Prime, and congrats on nsx ownership, even though the circumstanes are tragic.

So are you a Dr.? Whats your specialty?
Congrats and welcome.
Indeed sad...I would have rather he lived on to enjoy it...but now the car will stand for more than just mechanical and engineering prowess, but something more personal - as im sure it does for many PRIME members here.
Im located in Bethlehem PA...Im training in Orthopaedic Surgery.

How about you docjohn...looks like youre in PA
I'm sure he is pleased it went to a fellow enthusiast, congrats and that black looks pristine
Heading down to Georgia in about later this afternoon. Driving straight thru....will post pics from the road!

Cant wait!!!
I'm in the Scranton-North pocono area....
well I am sure the previous owner will be riding shotgun through out the cars life.

congrats I think on getting the car.

now something to think about and dont SKIMP on this....

its sat for 4 years. ALL fluids need to change before you try and crank it.

tran fluid, clutch, brake, gas, Oil should go ahead but not needed flush and replace and upgrade your A/C to R134a its an easy conversion a simple kit at any autoparts store.

I am going to have to do this to a customers car that has sat for 2 years.
All fluids changed, just picked it up like 2 days ago.

then crank it up with a new battery it may idle funny for a little while
as you are waking up a beast from sleep let it idle for a good hour in your garage or driveway. then take for a drive,after a half tank with fuel injector cleaner added, she should start to purr again.
goodluck, if you need any advice on this car PM me.

also think about getting the timing belt.water pump done
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Hey another PA owner. Welcome to the club.Tragic how you got your hands on the car but I bet the owner is happy it went to you.
What a story, welcome to Prime, she is a beauty!:smile:
Just got back from atlanta. picked up the car...
I gotta say, I was giddy from start to finish.
In the northeast (atleast my neck of the woods around upstate NY), the NSX is a car you'll almost never see....and so to have one seems surreal!

The entire process was dramatic. The left rear was flat. The car was covered in a coat of dust. There were random little car-parts and goodies strewn about the garage etc etc. Even getting the car on the flatbed was tricky....the Uhaul that we had taken had too steep of a ramp! The front end threatened to scrape each time, so we finally had to drive the car onto the ramp from atop a curb to counter for lost height! Precarious!

The rest of the drive was fun!
The first pic is at the pickup point! Flat rear left and all.

The second is seconds after being loaded onto the uhaul...from the dirt to keep from scraping on the ramps!

The third is pure love and dust.

The fourth is at home.

Drover her around for a bit...and gawsh you guys were not kidding!


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