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Help!!! has anyone talked to ACR Motorsports this week?

14 May 2002
Boston, MA
i sent back an HRE wheel for repair on saturday and since then, i have not been able to reach them at either of their office #'s and my email was just sent back undeliverable, anyone have any word? i hope everything is ok.
thank you very much, i really appreciate the info, i didn't want to panic, maybe i've read 1 too many horror stories,

ACR has been great to deal with and easily contacted that's why it seemed a little strange.

thanks again.
just curious as to why you didn't send the wheel directly to HRE? I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but HRE is in Vista, CA ~45min or so south of ACR's new location. it would have been much faster to send the wheel straight to the manufacturer, vs have ACR re-ship it to HRE...

all set now, wheel was sent directly to HRE, alex was/is expediting the process.

Mike from HRE called today with a time frame.

thanks again to all who replied and to ACR and HRE for all the help!