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Help: Headroom Horror Story

20 March 2000
Richmond, VA
Hi gang,
I spent last weekend at VIR (Virginia International Raceway) in Danville, VA. This track is phenomenal. 19 Turns in a little over 2 miles with a 3/4 mile front straight. I decided at the last minute to run my 1999 Miata sport primarily because it was a Mazda sponsored day. Long story short, I had a great time and want to join the country club type VIR club, but they won't let me run my NSX. It seems that my 6'-4" body doesn't leave enough headroom to accomodate my big head and my Bieffe helmet.

I have already gotten the tip about taking out the seat cushion bottom from John Vasos at Brookfield Acura and Glenn Long, a VIR member and NSX owner. What I need to know is there ANY other mods I can do to get more headroom from my NSX-T? Any sport or racing seats? Etc that we know will lower the headroom?

Even in the Miata, I was toasting RX-7 twin turbos in the curves but waving bye-bye to them as they sped away in the straight. The NSX should DOMINATE there for sure... now all I have to do it remove a few vertibre from my neck or cut the top of my head off just above my ears. Any other ideas?

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black

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hey G-Man,

I honestly don't know, but the only help that i can think of is trying racing seats like what you said, like Recaro, Bride, etc.



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You can gain a couple inches from aftermarket racing seats. Drop an e-mail to Mark Johnson @ Dali Racing and he can probably come up with some measurements for you. I sat in his white car car when he had the racing seats (not sure on brand) and the difference was noticable. I think he also has (or can fab) rails to mount the seats.