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HELP! I put in a new battery and car now wont start!

29 December 2006
Big Apple
Well i have a problem with my car and i was wondering if anyone could help answer my question. I had a battery that needed to be replaced, every month it would die quicker and quicker, and it was 6 or 7 years old, i did the cleaning of the terminals and power leads, but finally I had to admit its time for a new one. So I put a new one in today and nothing came on except the head unit(no speakers/amp) and the dash where the climate control is, nothing else(no fans etc). However, those lights are bright, unlike the old battery that were very dim. I did all the right prep before, I also looked at the fuses they seemed fine, im a bit baffled. One thing i have is a kill switch, but im not sure if thats a factor, everything will come on when its activated but the car wont turn over as that is how its supposed to work. you can say im desparate because Im taking a road trip in this car Friday! Ugh. ANY info from anyone is great appreciate, I owe you a huge one if you can help me with this. Thanks a lot.
Hey thanks for responding, i didnt test that , to see if the seats move. if they do or dont what might that mean? This might seem crazy bu im going to my garage, IF you have a second give me a ring, it maybe quicker and easier then writing, thanks so much for responding. michael 646-763-1097
How many miles on the car?

Always check grounds that you messed with.
Consider ignition switch and main relay. Aside from the age of the battery, any other symtoms (other than dying faster) of the car before changing the battery?

This may sound crazy but I know someone who put in a new battery and the car wouldn't start. He forgot to take the plastic caps off the terminal.
Got a multimeter? Check to see what it reads, should read 12 volts+ DC :wink:. I have seen/had NEW batteries that were bad and more that were just not charged. If you don't have a meter take to where you purchased and have them check or find a neighbor with a meter. You can also put a battery charger on it, see how many amps it pulls. If it pulls any more than a couple amps it is in need of charge which it may or may not hold 'bad battery' if it won't.
Hello! 2 years ago, I changed the battery on my MR MK2, the new battery had a defect (elements in short-circuit) :mad:, I also had the same thing when I replaced the battery of my motor bike (Gold Wing 1500), here also, the new battery had died :mad:, I think that often arrives and that it is initially necessary to make control the battery by the salesman!
I wish you good work!:smile: