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Help needed on keyless mod

19 February 2001
Southern California
Here's my idea. I have a factory keyless entry system and would like it to make a sound or chirp when I lock/unlock the car. I can't tell that it does anything unless I actually watch the button go up or down. To damn silent! If anyone has the know how or can suggest the way to make this happen(or not happen) please throw me your suggestions and comments. Thanks, John
you can do a "crack head" installation.
just take the wire that sends the locking puls to the powerlock unit, and connect a buzzer to it. then you will get a sound notification. if the sound is to long, you can put a capacitor to it. the capacitor will allow it to chirp for a short moment when you lock the car.
you can do the same with the unlocking wire....
or skip the buzzer and connect it to the main horn, and when you park at night you will extend you collection of your neighbors shoes...