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Help needed Stereo install~!!

22 February 2006
Just like the topic says..I need to know what else do i need in order to install my Pioneer Single Din DVD deck in my NSX.. It has a Sony Amplifer powering the two door speakers thats it. Heres is what I have currently:

Pioneer DVD single din deck
Wiring Harness for aftermarket radio
SOS CF Aftermarket Stereo Panel
Sony Amplifer (powering the two door speakers)
Sony 6.5" speakers (door)

Thanks in advance..
You will need speaker plates to install the speakers in the doors in place of the stock speakers. You can get them from D'Ecosse or Zetoolman. SOS makes them as well. You will also want to put a sub in the passenger footwell in place of the stock one. Zetoolman, I think, has some for sale on the parts forum. SOS has the parts here:


Good luck!

Nate in DC
Thanks for the reply, so is that all I need for the install or do I need still a bracket kit for the single din player...LMK..thanks and appreciated..
It sounds like your speaker and amp are already working together, and all you want to do is install your pioneer single din HU. Is this correct?

If so you'll want to make sure your harness is the right one that will plug into the oem harness. Then you'll need SOS's single/double din HU mounting bracket. You'll have to cut the SOS stereo panel to fit with your HU.

Since you'll be installing a new HU you'll also need to run rca's and a remote turn on to your amplifier. Then from your amplifier you'll need to run speaker wires (for the door speakers) back to your harness and tap into those wires (not unless you/someone ran separate speaker wires to the doors in which case you'll connect directly to the amp).

I think we need a little more info like what's installed, what's working right now, etc.
Sounds like you will need a sub.
The V3 is a sub for the passanger footwell that has no loss of space.

Seeing as you have carbon fiber, you could get the only and last made V2 enclosure in black carbon fiber! See the vendors section, I just put up a post for it.