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Help! synergy004 - Gil need wheels.

If he was local I would let him borrow my wheels. Only thing I'm afraid of is he might not want to take them off after seeing it on his car, LOL! :biggrin:


Thanks very much. Actually Aamir offered his spare set also but my scheduling does.not permit me to take a road trip right now since timing is real tight with agenda. RETURNING wheels after this week will not be an issue it the past few weeks catching after 30 days traveling. Kelly had offered to previously to drive down to Houston but Id feel bad first gas prices suck and second, time to and from.
I seriously appreciate the help.
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I got a set of volk gt-n's 17/18 if you want to borrow them for a while until I sell them. You'll need tires though.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Shipping is the issue and price. By the time those arrive I'd have a new set of wheels I am awaiting.

Most likely depending on agenda I will be there without. Just Friday nights meet.
Gil, if you feel like driving to Beaumont I'll pull off my Advans for you. I have to work and can't make the trip but your most welcome to mine. They are gunmetal RS 18/19 and should look quite good with your color combo. LMK. David/409-656-3084.:smile:

Dave thanks.... Your location is 4.5 hrs with me speeding. I appreciate all the Texas hospitality but I'll throw the towel in. I had disassembled my doors last night so a new/old nsx owner can attend that has never been to a meet. I'll drop by tonight and wait for pics for the weekend activities.