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Help with Dash Cluster Ring install cluster

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
Surprised I couldn't find a thread on this except a bunch with links to 404's for instructions. The cluster rings have been a bit of a cluster #$%! so far.

I bought some brushed aluminum dash cluster rings since I really liked the look when I saw some cars with it at NSXpo. Unfortunately, no instructions. I thought they would just drop in, but it seems like you need to take out black rings mounted from the back? I was able to remove the black rings from the 2 small gauges on the left, and it looks like the small rings on the right could come out similarly, but I can't see how to get the black rings out of the 2 center gauges. Are these black rings I have non OEM? It looks like the OEM part from the Oemacuraparts site, but that's a drawing, not a pic. Thanks in advance,PXL_20230212_025704667-min.jpg

You can see the aluminum ring shown below on one hole is the same size so cannot fit inside the black ring:
With the black rings removed, the aluminum ring goes in:
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i just went through this last week and it was a bigger pain in the ass than I anticipate. It all came out great and very happy with the new look. But was definitely nervous about destroying the face plate while breaking the bonded areas free.