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help with stereo

16 October 2007

I recently install a nakamichi pa-300 2 channel amplifier in the boot of my nsx, new speakers in the doors, and a pioneer FH-p8000bt head unit in the dash. After the very enjoyable process of dismembering the interior and running the wires through the car, i hooked it up and.. no sound!

The head unit has 3 RCA preouts, and I connected the front L/R option to the amplifier.
I used the factory harness for the door speakers, and soldered RCA connecters to connect speaker wires (used 18g) from the amp to the existing harness.
I got power (used 10g wire) from the engine fuse box, and ground from the trunk.

If I directly connect the speakers to the preamp in the head unit, i get sound- but if i connect the amp to the head unit, and then the speakers to the amp, i get nothing. The amp was just recently in working order, so i dont think that that is the problem.

I dont know too much about stereos and this is my first install, is there anything I am missing?

Have you verified that the amplifier is actually turning on?
Did you wire a remote turn-on to the amplifier?

soldered RCA connecters to connect speaker wires (used 18g) from the amp to the existing harness

Bit confused as to why you would do this? Why would you use RCA connectors?
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In process of finishing my stereo install, new upholstery, window lube, sound deadening... well you get the pic may as well do it all while I'm there. I used to install sound systems as a part time gig. Sounds like no power to the amp or bad ground. Make sure the ground is SOLID can't stress that enough, bare metal etc. Make sure you have all the wiring in place, this inculdes the remote on, usually a yellow wire off your head unit. Double check the power wire to make sure you are supplying enough amperage to the amplifier if they don't get enough amps they'll shut off on a big draw. Feel free to pm me if you're still having issues.
remote turn on... i saw that wire coming off the head unit and didnt think too much about it lol. looks like i have the fun job of putting another wire through..
i put on the rca connectors on the speaker wires to connect them to the factory harness.

thanks guys! appreciate the help