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23 March 2005
My car handles terribly. I just finished rotating the tires: putting the left rear tire on the front right, and moving the right rear tire to the left front, and I can barely keep it on the road ... OK, I'm kidding about the tire rotation ... but I still have one question from my previous thread ...

My real question is:

My car is a little sluggish from start (almost stalling when starting up a hill). I am thinking my RM Racing intake needs a new filter, but I'm not sure. I didn't install the RM intake, and don't know a lot about them. I have read where some filters are to be cleaned, and others discarded for a new one. Does anyone know about this intake? Am I supposed to pull it off and clean it? Thanks in advance,

NsXMas, I have the cone filter that came with the RM intake. It was installed by the previous owner (don't get me wrong I love it), but I just don't know anything about them.

RM Racing intake

Some people with RM Racing intakes you could ask:

Take from here: "Actual cone filter element is K&N

RM Racing Carbon Fiber Air Intake features funnel ram filter, three inch carbon fiber tube, with polished stainless steel hardware.

RM Racing Cold Air Intake Option. To be used with the RM Carbon Air Intake to allow direct air from drivers fender scoop. Installs easily with little mods. Keep in mind the filter will need more care due to added air flow."

So it sounds like you'd either have to clean or or replace it every so often.
Thanks everyone. I realize now that I am going to have to clean the filter more than what I have with my other cars, and that I very well may have a problem with my TCS. Much better acceleration with it off, and blinks when a make a normal right turn in second with it turned on. Anyone know what I'm looking at with repairs (cost, difficulty, DIY)?
Tire sizes?

93BlkOnBlkNSX said:
Much better acceleration with it off, and blinks when a make a normal right turn in second with it turned on.
What happens during a normal left turn? If it only engages (blinks) on right turns, have you checked your tire pressure? Does it also engage when you do a normal (but still aggressive), dry straight launch?

I recall in one of your previous posts you have aftermarket wheels. What size tires are you using or how much tread do you have on the front and rear tires? The TCS will engage if the front:rear tire ratio differs from stock by a factor of 5%. Please post your tire sizes if they are not stock.

BTW: You had me going with the tire rotation thing! :D
Good call OJas, I do have aftermarket wheels. I'm running with Dunlop tires right now. The wear is not bad, I've probably got another couple of thousand on the backs (I plan on replacing pretty quickly on this car). The TCS only blinks on right turns, and not on every right turn (weird but it's actually only done it on one right turn by my office). It doesn't do it on aggressive starts. I just went out to the parking lot and took these pictures with my cell-phone camera (quality isn't great). The sizes are 16's and 17's. Thanks,



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Seems I was on spot with my TCS guess - but we need not only the rim size but also the tire sizes front and rear to tell you more - pics don't help too much because I can't see the writing on the tire walls.
NSX-Racer, you were right on early on. The tires are:

Front: 225/45ZR16
Rear: 255/40ZR17
That are the same sizes as my rain combo for the track (Bridgestone S 03) and should not lead to any problems. So let's investigate further: Do you have also ABS problems? I suspect a bad (or only dirty) wheel sensor.

BTW: I can't remember if the TCS system also calculates with the steering wheel angle - if so, there may be also a problem with the steering angle sensor (if there is one of course).
NSX-Racer, No problems with the ABS. No ABS light comes on and it brakes smoothly. How can I find out more about "the steering angle sensor?" Thanks for your help, so far.
I did one of the tests: the one where you press the TCS button 3 times turn the wheel, press the button 2 more times, and turn the wheel the other way, and it came out fine. I'll do the one with the connector under the glove box tomorrow. Thanks again...so far.