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Here is a good deal on a 2002 Silver

Ooops I didnt read the add completely either...good deals always have a story...just saw it was silver and said damn...wish it were black!!

Thought I would share...nevermind
I was looking at that car when I wanted my first Silver. I passed as it was a salvage/flood car. Flood IMO is worse than fire. Atleast Fire you can pinpoint the issue replace and all is well. Flood... once you start getting electrical gremlins the headache would be enormous.
It sure looks pretty in the pictures. Too bad about the flood damage. If it was only $3000 in repairs it shouldn't have been totaled out by the ins. co right?
If the car has been thoroughly sorted out by an Acura technician, there should be no problem resulting in the flood damage - he would have been looking for as much work as possible at that time, and would have changed out any and everything that needed or would need to be in the future, because of the water.
Taking the car to another NSX specialist would be a great idea, and without mentioning the water damage, ask his opinion on what needs doing to the car to make it 100%. If he doesn't mention water damage, then the Acura technician has done his job properly 4 years ago. All electrical gremlins should have reared there ugly head by now, surely?
Offering around the $45k mark, any buyer would be getting a lot of car for the money.