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Hey guys! I'm new to this board....!~

17 August 2000
San Gabriel, CA
Hello NSX Prime members, I happen to just join this board, and please no flames, but I don't own a NSX just YET...I'm currently saving up the money to get a new NSX (downpayment), and I'm hoping you guys can help me or guide me for when I get the NSX and so forth. I'm going to get a White NSX on Black Interior, and I was wondering, which would be better?? the non-targa top? or the targa one?? I hope I am apprieciated here, and hope that I am welcome here, even tho I don't have the NSX yet..but I really wanted to come over and join, I barely heard about the web site 20 minutes ago...BTW, I was checking out the pictures of some people here, that posted it up, I would like to say sweet rides!! I plan to modify my NSX to the extreme....well...kinda..I really don't have much to say...And it's late, it's about 1 AM, and my mom turned on the A/C, so I better get to bed before she turns it off! hehe!
Can you guys give me advices or anything on the NSX, up to date information, etc, and what are the house rules here...hehe! Kay, I'm out people..Thanks for your time in reading this! Take Kares everyone...G'Night!

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Welcome to NSX Prime. I suggest that you read the FAQ section of this web site at the same time that you look for cars on the AutoTrader, Cars.com, and other sales sights. Check Blue Book prices on the Kelley site. You are not restricted to looking locally. You can buy a car anywhere in the US and still import it into CA, because the NSX is smogged for all states.

I live in Del Mar. On AutoTrader I found a 95 NSX-T with 3,800 miles in Durham NC where the low and high Blue book prices were $6,000 less than here, and I had it shipped on InterCity Lines (enclosed) for $1,400. This means I bought an essentially new NSX for $30,000 less than it cost new. I also found one in Tulsa OK for even less money, but someone else beat me to the punch by 30 minutes. It's a race to find those garage queens.

Have fun, and do not overlook reading the FAQ section, because if you have an NSX question, it's probably already answered there. It's a remarkable resource, thanks to the dedication of Lud.

1995 NSX-T 5 speed, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlap SP9000s