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Hey North Carolina

There are a few of us in Raleigh. We've gotten together a few times. I would think that it's about time for another round.

I'm interested, just let me know when. i may be able to get tom (92 black nsx) and Berry (94 black nsx) to go as well whenever we get a date set.
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too bad i don't live in NC anymore, would have been cool to do grouop twisty's here
Sure. What time?

I am in if you get together after 5:00 .I work around the corner from there but work till 5. Jeff Hutchinson
Jeff --

I really think this is so important that you should take the day off. I'll call the boss for you if you want.

The guy I work for is a real slave driver!! No ,wait a minute...... thats me!


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Hey guys...I'm a new NSX owner and I live in Raleigh! I'll come out.
I'm in, be good to catch up with everyone! Tom PM me, got a 951 to tell ya about.
I anybody wants to stop by my store before going to Chargrill I could show you the latest in hi-tec. How about 28 pound ,30 speed carbon fber bike built for 2! $11,000. or see T-Mobiles Tour de France bikes make by Giant. 16 pounds 20 speed $4000. Etc..... Jeff


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Jeff --

Where are you located?
Hey folks,
If I can get a kitchen pass, I'd like to join in on the gathering.

sjones - hehe, I thought I was the only person who named their NSX, I hope Kate (91 blk/ivory) plays well with Tom and Berry.

allstar - nice Jaguar E-type!


I will suggest 5:00 because it works for me! Jeff
i saw a silver nsx this morning on wake forest road, anyone know who that is and if they are on nsxprime?
Hey everyone- Just wanted to let all of you know since you are all here in NC- We own a shop here in Raleigh- Tuner Solutions Inc- we specialize in Higher end imports only- like Nissan 300ZX TT, Toyota Supra TT, NSX, and one of the only shops in NC that specializes in SR20DET. Just wanted to let you know if you ever need any maintenance work or oil changes etc...we do them for NSX...We use DEALER PARTS only!!! I have a wholesale account with Leigh Acura where I get all my parts from and I sell them for wholesale pricing. I stock NSX oil filters and if any of you need an oil change we do the Mobil 1 synthetic oil change with dealer filter for 47.00 (for normal cars it is 40.00 but the NSX filters are much more expensive than the normal filters) but 47.00 is a killer deal since most shops charge $60-$90 for this same oil change and not even with a dealer filter (except Acura). If any of yuo want to come in as a group for oil change- I will do a discount of 40.00 per person. But let me know in advance if there will be more than 1 or 2 or you coming so I make sure I have enough filters. I keep about 4-5 in stock. Thanks everyone and hope to meet all of you on Sat. By the way is the set location of this meet at Chargrill? and what time has been decided?. Thanks. Alix
I've seen the silver one probably more than I see you, Shannon, always downtown or on 440 in between Hillsborough St.or Wake Forest Rd. Always get a thumbs up, but never had time to try to pull him over and chat. It's a very clean looking ride.