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Hey North Carolina

I also let one of the local Raleigh forums, www.horsepowerjunkies.com, know that we were getting together, cause a lot of those guys really like the NSX, and would love to check out the ones in the area. Might have some others show up in anything from mustangs to camaros to vettes to supras. Hope this is cool with everyone.
I know a lot of guys on that board, and we always pick on each other about our respective rides. I give the domestic guys a hard time about their mullet mobiles, and they give me a hard time about being king ricer. :)

Its all in good fun, as I am known for being extremely sarcastic and somewhat of a smartass over there, even though all the guys that have been around for a while know it is all in fun.

Very proud of the ride, which is why I invited all our "not as fortunate to own one" car enthusiast buddies... :)

Isn't the Grill 57 cruise in that same weekend? Probalby won't have many show if that is the case.
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Hello everyone!! Just wondering if anyone has come up with an actual time to meet on Sat...I've seen a couple different times mentioned...seen 5:00 and seen 1:00...whats up..anyone know yet? let me know if anyone plans on crashing the Grill 57 thing cause I live right next to there and I'll be glad to crash :eek:) I love going up there and looking at all the old muscle cars but I'm not a fan all of the guys in the new domestics that are up there. All they do is make fun of the imports. And talk crap about our cars. Not very nice especially when most of our cars are faster than theirs anyways :eek:).. They are just mad becuase they don't have an NSX. Sorry for the vent.
I like the idea of keeping it at the Char Grill. The grill 57 show is fun, but I think a small group of NSX's only would be kinda neat. My business partner just bought a black/black 91 so he's gonna be there as well.
Hey guys...Do you mind if an ex-NSX (now Z06) owner shows up? Would like to see you guys again, since it has been awhile.

Dave's not allowed, due to being a Benedict Arnold....

JK, come on man, been a long while! Be good to see you again. Sjones and I got our butts handed to us by a yellow z06 this past weekend... :)
My whole Saturday is pretty wide open, but I'd rather meet up earlier. Say around noon, or 1:00.

Might be fun to take a few NSXs over to the Grill 57 as well. I know a bunch of those guys from when I had my '69 Vette.
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Noon or 1:00 would work best for me.
I can't get out till 5:00, and vote for chargrill. Jeff
we close shop at 1:00 on sats..so anytime after 1:30 would work for me
The best time to get to Grill 57 and all be insured of being able to park together, etc., is about 3:30-4:00. We should probably then meet up at Char-Grill on Atlantic Avenue no later than 2:30 or so. We could meet there, check out each other's cars, then make the drive over to the other place. We can save a spot for allstar after he closes up his shop.

Of course if no one wants to go to the Grill 57 then none of this matters and we can meet up anytime.

My $0.02.
How about splitting the difference at 1:30 at Char Grill? Then whoever wants to drive to Garner can leave at 2:30-3:00. That way for the N. Raleigh peeps we got an hour and a half or so to hang and if we decide to go to Grill 57 we can, if not we've still had time to hang out. Also, 1:30 is a great window for lunchtime, and Char Grill sure is good!! Thoughts?
Alright. I'm making the executive decision. 1:00 at Chargill. We can shoot the breeze for a couple of hours and then formulate a plan to ride around somwhere. I would like to see allstars shop so perhaps we can roll by there and check it and or the grill57 if we feel like it.

And yes, Z06's are allowed too. One of the coolest cars chevy ever built.

What is the address for the Chargill that we met at last time? I want to make sure we all come to the same one.
Count me in!

Address/map anyone? I'm new to the area...


Wish I could make it :(

Maybe you guys should get together more often! :)
I will try to make it as well. Jeff
It was good meeting you guys! Alot of nice nsx's there!! I hate I had to leave so early but I'm on-call this weekend for work. Anyways, here's one of the pictures I took.. I have more to come.

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